What about shopping on Sundays in December?  I think we already know!  There will be changes

The issue of shopping on Sundays in the last month of the year has been in doubt for some time. All because if we want to stick to the calendar, the stores must also be open on Christmas Eve! There are many indications that the House of Representatives will decide otherwise.

Will there be a Sunday shopping day on Christmas Eve in 2024? not necessarily!

The project of change did not appear suddenly, overnight. We first heard about it in the summer, when Waldemar Buda, Minister of Development and Technology, said that the government had noticed the problem and was working to solve it.

Unfortunately, nothing new happened here until the parliamentary elections. This led to a great deal of uncertainty on the part of companies who were unable, for example, to respond to employee leave requests because they did not know what direction any changes would take.

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Unexpectedly, Poland 2050 came to the employees’ aid. After the elections, the new majority immediately focused on the issue of Sunday shopping in December 2023 in the Economic and Development Committee. Even preliminary decisions on this matter have already been made!

How many Sundays to trade in December 2023?

The group created by Szymon Hołownia proposed postponing shopping on Sunday, which was supposed to fall on December 24. The committee, which includes representatives from several different parliamentary clubs, supported the vote Introduction to shopping on Sundays, December 10 and 17. 17 deputies voted “yes”, 8 abstained from voting, and no one opposed.

What’s next with the project? Now, taking into account the committee’s recommendations, the proposal must be passed by the House of Representatives. Taking into account that the request is submitted by Polska 2050, one of the parties that constitute the current parliamentary majority, this appears to be a mere formality. We expect Parliament to consider the project tomorrow – Wednesday, November 29.

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Will there be a vote to lift the ban on shopping on Sundays or limit it, as some politicians suggest? This could happen! We will keep you updated with the details.

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