Big names already for FestiVoix

According to FestiVoix General Director Thomas Gregoire, this is the biggest early announcement in the event’s history. However, it appears that the public is not waiting to be impressed by the programming, as passports are being sold at an unprecedented rate. The CEO confirms that 5,300 precious tickets, or a third of all regular passports, have already found takers. Last year, at the end of December, we reached 3,500 sales before the first names were announced in the program.

As for club passports, out of 110 available, only 6 are to be sold. Also, half of the VIP passports have been sold so far. “People continue to trust us and that motivates us to work even harder to meet their expectations,” commented Thomas Gregoire.

As evidence, he cites the names announced in the plan, which was released more hastily than in the past.

“They are a testimony to the diversity that is the hallmark of our event. Instead of focusing on two or three very big names, we want a diversified show with more artists of the highest caliber to reach all audiences.

Thomas Gregoire, CEO of FestiVoix

“With Flo Rita, we see the international pop-rap star who has collaborated with the likes of Jennifer Lopez. Last year, we welcomed Sean Paul and it was a huge success; Here is an artist of equal stature. Charlotte Cardin hasn’t been to Festivoix since 2018, and since then, her career has exploded around the world. As for Rock band live With his music reminiscent of late 1990s and 2000s rock, we’re talking about sales of more than 22 million albums across the planet. That is also a big catch,” he said.

“We will be having a very festive evening thanks to this very lively Acadian music with the Salbarbs, a group of hours currently in Quebec. Hip hop group Cypress Hill comes to us from California with its specific Latin American character. It is very popular among amateurs and general public. As for Dean Lewis, with his more laid-back indie style and his softer and more poetic lyrics, he will bring our 2024 edition to an exciting end.

“We have already covered a wide range of tastes and have 115 more artists to reveal in the coming weeks and months. Besides, we have some nice surprises in store for our customers.

FestiVoix 2024 will boast the largest programming budget in its history. “In fact, starting in 2022, our programming budget has almost doubled,” says the CEO. General inflation explains it, but it’s especially crazy in terms of artists’ fees, some of which have doubled. We are well aware of people’s expectations and we do what it takes to sustain a strong event.

“Although we still have a lot of big names revealed, we can already tell that we’re really going to have something for everyone.”

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