This is how luxury cars are made. journalist was at the Bentley factory

on a typical assembly line Bentley Bentayga The day passes at a rhythm of every 13 minutes. This is tact, i.e. the time when the employee performs the same activity in his position. A slow-moving belt doesn’t stop without good reason. One that would justify pressing the red button and stopping production for 1.5 hours. The costs of downtime are calculated in the hundreds of thousands of pounds.

It takes about 130 hours to build one Bentley Bentayga. Before they are accepted for delivery to the customer, they are subjected to a thorough examination. The checklist consists of 500-650 points, depending on the model. According to the manufacturer, within one week, 20 cars undergo a full audit, including a road test drive and a full body and interior inspection.

The robots here love medicine. The only person who works on the Bentayga is the one who puts glue on the windshield. As the guide showed, the machine does it more accurately and faster than a human. Everything else is done manually by the workers. This is why Bentley It costs what it costs. The basic version of the Bentayga is equivalent to more than PLN 1.1 million.

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That’s how the money goes… Wood from bogs and stone processing

But not many core versions are bundled into Crewe. There are endless types of wood, leather, colors, stitching, finishes, and accessories. And each of them adds thousands of dollars to the account. Employees repeat that if something isn’t in the catalog, they can do it. At the right price. Bentley marketers cite the example of a customer who set up a Flying Spur for $198,000. Gap. Choosing accessories “for himself” he conquered it with another 105,000. Gap.

Suffice it to say that the 3D wood “sides” of the Flying Spur’s rear doors pictured below cost 10,000 . pounds. For a set of two. And the dashboard trim displayed on the wall increases the price of the car by another 1.6-5 thousand. pounds or pounds by weight. And we haven’t even gotten to the leather department yet…

Interestingly, the most frequently chosen decor for decorating the instrument panel is … Piano Black. But it’s not just plastic The “black piano” we know from our carsfingerprints easily. They are finely finished and painted in black walnut. Who doesn’t like wood? There you go – decorative stone in the form of 1.6 mm thin sheets.

And before a cry of “Let’s protect the forests” rises from the room, Crow stresses that they know what respect for wood is all about. This sequoia can be used when the tree has fallen on its own. For one of the cars, the raw materials were obtained from a tree that died after 1,200 years. To another – who put about 5 thousand. years at the bottom of the swamp. More examples of such unusual and expensive wishes can be found at Article by Mateusz Lubczański on

Bentley Mulliner’s designers and engineers cater to these most exotic desires. They make the most individual and sophisticated cars, which are hard to find in a configurator.

Leather upholstery

If only Bentley leather was from a bull bred in the north of the country. Because you can’t see the stretch marks on it and the insects don’t bite there. The evidence confirmed that it is obtained from animals raised for meat. Each patch of leather is analyzed by the computer – how many can be cut and which can be removed with the least possible loss. Scratches on leather no longer eliminate a specific piece of leather—they’re used to, say, the underside of a chair. About 14 skins are needed for one Bentley Bentayga

As Bentley calculates, the loss of skin per month comes to 50 tons. But it does not go into the basket. Bags, shoes and key chains are made from it or used for sewing training. At the Crow Factory, training is very important. Before a young handyman starts working on “real” cars for clients, he trains for six to eight months.

There is nothing like a blue Bentley

In the palette of basic Bentley colors there are more than 100 body colors, including the blue itself, and several different shades. Each of them has a name. One of the most popular is the one inspired by the color of the kitchen robot standing on the table in the home of the future car owner.

However, on the assembly line you can also see candy-pink Bentley Bentaygas, Berlin taxis, black GT or Flying Spur. or satin gray. This check is an additional 35,000. pounds on the bill. And note – the manual warns that with such a finish, in case of damage to the paintwork, the entire car must be painted, and not one element.

Bentley Bentayga. It takes 130 hours in the factory

A total of 230 people work on the Bentayga production line. Twice as many employees are on the other side of the hall – where the Flying Spur and Continental are grouped. In total, the Crowe plant employs about 4,000 people. Most of them are residents of the neighboring town.

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