May 29, 2023


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Wet Biscuit on how to stand out on Twitch. This is actually a very good method

Something Suchar said during his broadcast is actually a good way to stand out on Twitch.

There are many different ways to become popular on Twitch. Some rely on luck, others pay cash to certain odds from a previous streamer, and still others rely on famous buddies and connections.

There are also methods that do not require any significant knowledge. And we can confirm from our own experience that it works. Sam Boop has killed quite a few people this way, like Bronzowe once did. Some know, others will find out that Boop has been the number one website in Poland in the “Games” category for several months via Mediapanel. We mentioned it once, but there is no point in writing the same thing every month.

How do you stand out on Twitch?

Suchar gave an interesting take on how you can stand out nowadays. It’s not the only way, but it works. The idea here is to have someone in the chat clip out weird and funny situations on the stream and send them to others.

If a segment breaks, it will also be seen by other broadcasters, maybe Boop will write about it, maybe it will be included in some recap, etc. Thanks to popular clips in 2022 and 2023, a few viewership jumped from a few dozen to several hundred.

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You can also do controversial things. Once Japczan mentioned that at first you can do more than already popular people, you can even get banned, and then when you get noticed, you can calm down a bit.

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Some people know this and send us their clips on their own. Now, some people will probably change their minds a bit, but several streamers who were very surprised by the posts on Boop have sent us specific clips and VOD clips that are no longer available.