Little surprise?  Game 1 of the Tauron League Final is behind us!

The final competition was off to a surprising start. Developres volleyball players jumped on nervous rivals, as a result, after seven measures the score was 0: 7, and coach Alessandro Schiappini had already used both times. After such an introduction, the players of Łódź could not recover, and the visiting team, which was effective in attack, calmly maintained a clear advantage. After serving Weronika Centka, the difference was already ten points (5:15), and the score at 14:25 was decided by the effective attack of Ann Kalandadze.

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The second set is definitely a better game for the ŁKS volleyball players. The start was played with the advantage of the Rzeszów team (6: 9), then it was still 11:13 and then the series of the home team (15:13). At that moment, the players of Łódź caught up with the right rhythm, improved their attacking efficiency and took the initiative on the field. At the end of the set, they were most likely destined for victory, which was sealed by an opponent’s error in attack (25:18).

The third set was played with the advantage of the Rzeszów players (5:10, 7:15 – after Kallandadze shone). The players from Lodz set off in pursuit, first cutting their losses (17:19), and finally connecting with a point (21:22). However, the next three actions fell to the Developres volleyball players, who stopped three more attacks of opponents with a block (21:25).

The start of the fourth set also went well for the visitors (6:9). The Rzeszowians won four straight measures and extended their lead (8:15). However, the hosts did not lay down their arms, starting to make up for the losses (12:15), but Developres jumped back after a series of good plays by Kalandadze (12:19). In the end, Rzeszów’s team took control of the situation. The rivals’ mistake gave the match ball, and the best volleyball player in this confrontation – Ann Kalandadze (16:25) put the point above the “i” with a stunning attack.

Match summary ŁKS – Developers:

Most points: Valentina Diouf (23), Zuzana Jureka (14), Lana Skowka (10) – ŁKS Commercecon; Anne Kallandadze (25), Gabriela Orvosova (13), Veronica Sentka (12), Jelena Blagojevich (11) – Developers. Serving (1-5), blocking (7-10) and attacking efficiency (37%-45%) are in favor of the visitors. Best player: Ann Kallandadze (22/49 = 45% offensive efficiency + 2 aces + 1 block; played at +21!).

This is the Developers’ first victory over ŁKS in the current season. “Łódź Wiewióry” won three times against “Rysice” – 3:2 at home (December) and 3:0 away (February) in the Tauron Liga and 3:2 in the Polish Cup semi-final in early April.

ŁKS Commercecon Łódź – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów 1:3 (14:25, 25:18, 21:25, 16:25)

LKS: Zuzanna Jureka, Aleksandra Greca, Roberta Ratzky, Lana Skowka, Kamila Witkowska, Valentina Diouf – Paulina Mag-Erwardt (libero), Anastasja Hryschczuk, Angelica Jagir, Kinga Drabik, Julieta Piasecka, Natalia Drood. trainer: Alessandro Chiappini.
Developers: Weronika Centka, Katarzyna Wenerska, Ann Kalandadze, Magdalena Jurczyk, Gabriela Orvosova, Jelena Blagojević – Aleksandra Szczygłowska (Libero), Izabella Rapacz and Julia Bińczycka. trainer: Stefan Antiga.

Elimination Match Competitive Mode (Best of Three) 1-0 to the developer.

Results of the final matches of the Spanish Torun League 2023:

2023-05-03: ŁKS Commercecon Łódź – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów 1:3 (14:25, 25:18, 21:25, 16:25)
2023-05-07: Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów – ŁKS Commercecon Łódź (Sunday, 2.45pm; broadcast – Polsat Sport)
2023-05-10: ŁKS Commercecon Łódź – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów (Wednesday, 5:30 pm; broadcast – Polsat Sport)
2023-05-13: Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów – ŁKS Commercecon Łódź (Saturday, 17.30) / May
2023-05-17: ŁKS Commercecon Łódź – Developers Bella Dolina Rzeszów (Wednesday, 17.30) / May.


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