Your TV will thank you.  Highly rated speakers at a really affordable price

It is not necessary to manufacture terribly cheap TV equipment. He appears Creative Speakers Stage 2.1which received surprisingly positive reviews considering its asking price. Let’s check what users praise and blame this tool for. Nothing is perfect, right?

Creative Soundbar Stage 2.1 – Device features

Image: Computronic

This soundbar is designed to work with modern TVs and computers. In fact, he’s not the only one in the group because… Configuration 2.1 assumes the presence of an additional speaker. In addition, in the box we will find custom remote control, And Wall mounting kit. Useful if you have already planned a specific place on the wall for the device.

Before we get to the actual opinions, some technical details. The RMS output power of the instrument is 160 watts. We will connect to our computer or TV via 3.5mm audio jack cable included in the kit Or wirelessly via the protocol Bluetooth.

The amplifier is also equipped with connectors AUX, HDMI, optical And USB To play music in MP3 format, one of each type. Using the remote control, we can also switch between ready-made operating modes (music, movie, concert, game). Not bad for equipment at a relatively low price. So let’s see what they think Users.

Creative Soundbar Stage 2.1 – User Reviews

foot. creative

I mention this because I see this opinion in many places. It seems that Some speaker units may require additional software update out of the box. We download them From the manufacturerunpack them with a program like 7-Zip or WinRAR and put them on a blank USB drive (less than 32GB, FAT 32 file system.

The screen will then display the letters higher (from English modernization = modernization), and then they (Update successful = Update completed successfully). Only then can the USB drive be removed. If you have problems changing channels (left, right and vice versa), you should use the new firmware.

What can I say, this is the magic of our time with these updates. Apart from that, users praise it Surprisingly deep bass, Long range of the included remote controlBut also communication HDMI Arc With TV Save cables and space.

I’m very surprised at how well this inconspicuous speaker works (2 x 20 watts, 40 watt subwoofer), connected to the TV via an optical cable. Finally, sounds, music and sporting events like football matches sound as they should have from the beginning. The family also noticed a difference in sound quality compared to the factory built-in speakers in the Panasonic TV, which are also supposed to be 2 x 20 watts? I recommend it with a clear conscience.

Le Chiffre, user of the portal

This is a direct opinion from Great Britain. The lady bought these speakers from Amazon and she is satisfied The speaker tends to fade at low volume.

I’ve had these speakers for about four months. I connected it via optical cable to the TV on the table under my bed. I placed the speaker on the shelf under the bed and the subwoofer under the bed. The equipment turned my room into a mini cinema, and the bass vibrations while lying in bed add drama to movies.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because it doesn’t play my MP4 files with 5.1 audio. The sound also fades at very low volume levels. This has only happened to me during one movie, Interstellar, which was really frustrating. I finally set the TV to dual output (TV + Soundbar).

Other than that, I like this gear. I even use it to play music via Bluetooth from my phone in the shower, and to play relaxing sounds at night (although the thunder while playing rain sounds was very realistic and scared me when my bed shook at 2am). The sound quality is really good.

Berti Lore, Amazon User

So, if a potential software update doesn’t scare you, Creative Speakers Stage 2.1 It’s a good choice, especially at this price. Below you can also see what the equipment looks like in action.

Main image: creative

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