We thought of the legendary Lionel Richie show in Montreal

Wistfully, singer Lionel Richie delivered his most laid-back (not to say sticky) hits to a crowd of already-conquered fans.

Appearing before them on the Bell Center stage, despite being 74 years old, was a wonderful Lionel Richie.

In the introduction, a compilation of images from the best moments of his career set the tone like a time machine.

He started it by singing hello. Admittedly, the voice doesn’t have the same power. And the fancy visual effects don’t overcome the failed voice intrusions.

Photo Agency QMI, Mario Beauregard

But he is still on the same platform. And he’s betting a lot on it. Because inside Running with the NightAs well as being delivered by the group, Lionel Richie spends his time challenging the crowd between verses and choruses to improve his singing skills to “entertain”.

Lionel Richie’s talent perpetuates two constants on albums: “sticky slows” à la hello Or Truly Or unifying anthems should go on like a party All through the night Or Dancing on the ceiling.

At this point, we are working. Lionel Richie in particular is convincing from his first minutes program Includes all hits in its set. From the Commodores to the 1980s.

The crowd responded from the first hints of his hits. We were treated to his entire pre-1987 schedule. Very few singles released after this vintage feature in the evening’s compilation.

The singer hasn’t created anything new since 2012, or since, so you can’t blame him for settling on old ghosts. The crowd saw nothing but fire. And forgetting that Lionel Richie’s voice is no longer the same vehicle that once supported his unstoppable melodies.

Earth, Air, and Fire: Let’s Groove Together!

Before him, the disco group Earth, Wind & Fire was confirmed. Actually, we’re not really talking about the first part, because the “Sing a Song” of their tour name comes from their talent.

They didn’t roll the cannons from the start. They might have had an advantage in showing their game earlier. It did not get off to a great start as one might expect.

It really started to lift from Imagination. And then it broke: Boogie Wonderland, Let’s Groove (Would have thought we were in a Rowlatex in 1980) September. The Bell Center was heavily suffocated by the impact of these beasts of careless spectacle. The 3 original members, Rob Johnson, Verdin White and Philip Bailey, have not lost their enthusiasm.

Lionel Richie or Center Bell.

Earth, Wind & Fire opened for Lionel Richie’s show at the Bell Center.

Photo Agency QMI, Mario Beauregard

In short, the fans relived some of the memories of the evening they were looking forward to by reliving a set of memorable songs.

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