February 1, 2023


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Celine Dion: "Stop calling it mental illness," says Joselito Michaud

Celine Dion: “Stop calling it mental illness,” says Joselito Michaud

Host Joselito Michaud has known about Celine Dion’s health problems for a while, and it was very difficult for him to hear rumors about the diva’s mental health Quebec.

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Isabelle Boulay’s host and agent knows “show business” well. He knows how complex and difficult a task it is to present a show to an audience. Despite everything, this “machine” that is Celine Dion has done it brilliantly for nearly half a century, he told QUB Radio.

“He’s a champion who’s been programmed to do wrong for 40 years and more,” he said at Sophie Durocher’s microphone.

This characteristic itself makes the situation even more difficult for him. How will the singer respond to this diagnosis? Additionally, Mr. This is another great tragedy that Dion has to face, Mr. Michaud remembered correctly.

According to Sophie Durocher, Celine Dion was very close to her fans, information confirmed by Joselito Michaud. Despite traveling among the stars, the human-sized diva won the hearts of Quebecers and the rest of the world.

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