Maria Fe Saldana confirms she will not show her baby with Josimer because there are people with bad vibes |  Instagram |  Frontula |  Performances

His baby pictures, as he said, because there are ‘a lot of bad vibes’. Josimer Fidel’s former partner confirmed that “he will take good care of his fat woman.”

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This time, Saldana released a message in which he announced that he was still there It doesn’t show pictures of the girl. “For now I’m not going to show my fat because I decided to do that, because there are so many people with bad vibes, I do not like it for my fat woman. , Wrote.

He said he would protect the girl more. “I don’t care if it’s with me; But I take good care of my plump girl. “He says in one part of his message.

About her early days as a mom Maria Fe Sultana considered That they are not easy; But he has “the support of his sister, his mother and his grandmother at home.”

María Fe shared a message for all her followers. (Instagram)

Joshimer shared a soft photo of the baby

As well as Maria Faye Saldana has yet to share pictures of her baby Josimer She uploaded a soft picture of her daughter on her Instagram stories in which you can only see the little girl’s hand before Christmas.

Daughter of Maria Fay and Josimer She was born on December 18th and it was Saldana who posted the news on her social networks.

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