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We played Tekken 8 – great foundations and huge potential


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13 December 2023, at 18:23

We’ve played the full version of Tekken 8 and already know what to expect from Bandai Namco’s new fighting game. Is it worth waiting for the next chapter of the tournament to obtain the title of “King of Iron Fist”? We already know.

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Thanks to the kindness of Cenega, I had the opportunity to participate in a pre-release event where the public could essentially experience the final version. Tikina 8. So it was a full version of the game offering full content and character set. Of course, there’s still some time before the premiere – it will take place on January 26 next year – so the creators can still improve some cosmetic elements and gameplay balance. However, there will be no major changes to the game, so I can form an initial opinion on it and compare it to how this fighting game looked during the previous two beta tests.

Tekken 8’s creators are listening closely to the voices of the community

I admit that the past year has been particularly busy for me with fighting games, which I’ve been playing addictively in recent months. As a person who has a great interest in this eighth type Tikina I’ve been following basically since the moment I saw Kazui’s real-life appearance announcing the new chapter of this popular series.

Therefore, I could not miss the opportunity to participate in the first beta tests, after which I shared my impressions with you. The first beta showed, above all, that the team was guided by a clear guideline, although at the same time the studio went too far and went too far in the philosophy of creating a very aggressive fighting game. Tekken 8 It appears as mass destruction radiated by thousands of special effects in the name of building drama. Warriors clashed fists, the ground cracked, lightning crackled, and delicate alpacas jumped in the background!

We played Tekken 8 - Great foundations, huge potential - Illustration #1

Aggression Bonus: +4000.Tekken 8, Bandai Namco, 2024.

In fact, most of my comments from the first text were already outdated by the time I started the second beta – the game, although still very aggressive, left a better and more reasonable impression. The build from the demo goes further and initially looks like a well-thought-out fighting game that has been suitably optimized – taking into account user opinions and feedback from both test participants and professional players.

It is clear that the creators not only came to conclusions, but above all implemented reasonable changes. Tekken Of course, he wouldn’t be the same without his opponent’s exaggerated juggling moves, so juggling is still a permanent element of the game. However, the damage related to the beta version has been slightly reduced. By combining it with the heat system, you can increase or extend the damage due to the better load on the wall, in order to pull the opponent into the deadly wall faster. Additionally, the heat condition is no longer lethal, its duration is slightly shortened, and block damage is reduced. However, the time will come to discuss this in more detail.

Battles in Tekken 8 represent a huge dose of intense adrenaline

close Mortal Kombat Exactly that Tekken It is the most popular fighting game in Poland. And this is not only due to the strong status of the first PlayStation and the scene that was born with the “3” saga (and which became seriously felt with the fifth installment of the series). Tekken They are popular because they are perfect for “Sunday” games and even simple random key presses always “do something” and “look some way”, resulting in smooth attack animation sequences – It is no coincidence that the frequent terror of the estates were self-proclaimed capoeira masters playing eddy. in Tekini It’s always easy to move up to the amateur level, and it provides a lot of fun and excitement during meetings with a group of friends. Uusima seems to be going more difficult in this direction. I feel like this would be a perfect game for both serious competition and casual “clicking” over beer and pizza with friends. I got a taste of this at the show, where the whole group enthusiastically followed the competition participants’ clashes and subsequent series of battles – a magical moment filled with loud screaming and cheering. The local fighting game competition is unique and provides an experience like no other Techne 8 You can feel it very strongly. The show did not disappoint in this regard and was a fun-filled experience.

We played Tekken 8 - Great foundations, huge potential - Illustration #2

Tekken 8, Bandai Namco, 2024.

While watching the other players suffer, it became clear to me Tekken 8 He communicates more with newcomers. Therefore, the combat system has been simplified in several aspects. I’ve noticed that some of the more complex movements manually have become easier – movements like these (and similar ones) performed by Yoshimitsu can now be performed by simply pressing diagonally with a fist instead of pressing CD+1. By the way, Yoshik got a lot of animations, moves, and a lot of mechanics Sol Calipura 6. I’m very happy about it, because firstly it feels more solid, and secondly – it looks great in combat. As for the orders, the standard orders are still there and are rewarded with an additional bonus. Another example of simplification is the standardization of deadly rage arts and now every character performs them the same way. I also consider it a relief that some very serious things are now more difficult to punish in the block. However, the biggest help will be the alternative control system, which has been developed a bit since the beta. I’ll try to explain all this more on release day and during the review – I have to leave something out for now, because I won’t have anything to write about, and proper analysis requires spending more time in the game. Now I want to say one thing – Tekken 8 It will be a really great fighting game for casual play and I already know it will be a good start to my adventure with the genre.

The king’s new clothes

During the demo, I played through the first few chapters of the story mode. The first thing that caught my attention was… the uneven graphics. So far I’ve been pleased with the quality of the graphics on offer techne 8, But the longer I looked at it, the more and more poorly made assets I saw. Pre-rendered scenes that look like scenes in the game engine give a bad impression – they stand out clearly and were recorded in low resolution, which is why they are simply blurry. The environment is different, but overall good. However, you can choose some characters. Steve’s face was unnaturally swollen, as if the man had had a botched hyaluronic acid injection. The previously mentioned Yoshimitsu looks as if someone was playing with the sliders responsible for contrast and color saturation – and as a result, this character stands out in a strange way from the rest of the warriors. Aesthetes have become accustomed to the stunning visual quality of recent releases Mortal Kombat They will turn their noses up at all this, even though they generally talk to me Tekken I like it more – if only because of the more stylized, artistic environment. Don’t get me wrong. Tekken 8 can impress thanks to the detailed graphics and it is clear that the creators did not spare any budget on it, but at the same time it contains a few uneven elements that negatively affect the overall appearance. Will it be improved by release time? I hope so.

We played Tekken 8 - Great foundations, huge potential - Illustration #3

The scene is – oops, out of this world.Tekken 8, Bandai Namco, 2024.

And the story mode itself is, of course, a long, dizzying session, once again reminiscent of NetherRealm Studios’ solutions. Tekken However, what stands out are the QTEs, which allow us to decide, for example, whether a character should defend a typed attack during a cutscene or avoid it to launch a counterattack. Then there is a smooth transition to a normal duel and the fight resumes. Also keep one thing in mind – new Tekken It’s basically an anime with a completely “over the top” character, and the word “Overkill” seems to have disappeared from the creators’ vocabulary. During the initial fight with Kazuya, the opponent can transform into a demon and then fire a beam that destroys the entire city during a cutscene, killing all of its terrified residents. There will be a lot of these actions as you complete the story and I’m sure we will witness a lot of craziness. After all, one of the arenas is set on a meteorite falling to Earth and can be seen in the background – seriously.

Great foundations and huge potential

I had a great time during the demo, and the game left a very positive impression on me, although I also had some concerns about it. However, I think these problems will be resolved during the premiere. Remember, it is impossible to evaluate a fighting game long before its actual appearance, but at this moment and after the corrections made after beta testing, I am confident in its quality and success. Tikina 8. On paper, this game has everything it has to offer at launch and has huge potential for future development. It looks very good, has a great cast of characters and a lot of good single-player content, as well as well-thought-out online features. It’s solid, and will probably (but not necessarily) be better in the future. However, the first months will be crucial, when players break down the complexities of the system into elementary factors. Then we’ll see how this title will stand the test of time. However, the preview generally confirms that the creators know exactly what they’re doing. Thus, it gives hope Tekken 8 He will make a truly great debut and will represent the entire genre proudly in the years to come.

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