Elden's ring is megabyte;  You have already entered the top 10 games of all time in the United States [Aktualizacja: errata]
July 15 2022, 21:50

Less than five months after its release, Elden Ring has become one of the ten best selling games of all time in the United States. FromSoftware’s business is being controlled with an overall reduction in expenses related to play.

Update: Errata

Matt Piscatella he wrote A few moments ago on Twitter he waved a little when analyzing. The rating charts he compared did not contain the complete sales history of all the games and platforms on which they were released. When this is taken into account, it turns out elden ring not yet? One of the ten best-selling acts in US history. However, the exciting sale of FromSoftware’s latest work is undeniable.

Elden's ring is megabyte;  You have already entered the top 10 games of all time in the United States [Aktualizacja: errata] Illustration #1

Source: Twitter / Matt Piscatella.

original message

oh elden ring. Despite some minor flaws, the newer game FromSoftware It turned out to be an absolute hit. This is evidenced by all of the excellent reviews – including ourBy Karol Laska – In addition to the continued strong interest of the community (average 40,000 at a time play people on Steam every day) as well sexy sale.

The Elden Ring is a bestseller of 2022

Bandai Namco – Game publisher – gave From February 25, premiere day, to March 31, players received 13.4 million copies elden ring. According to data from US research firm NPD Group – cited today in a series of Twitter entries by its CEO, Matta PiscatellaThe number of game copies sold continues to grow rapidlyMaking it in the United States I was born It’s June has a higher income (in dollars) than any other production.

According to Piscatella, a similar situation has occurred in four of the five months that have been (almost) since the first appearance. elden ring. make it possible condition NPD . group FromSoftware’s latest innovation is not only the best-selling game of 2022, but also one of the ten highest-grossing games in US history.

Moreover, analysts assume that this title will dominate the US market in 2022. This will be the third time in the past thirteen years that the largest amount of money will not come from any of the hit songs call of duty series.

Save on playing

This is even more interesting considering the total spending on games for the American audience decreased in June 2022 – compared to June 2021 – by up to 11% i It was $4.335 billion. Comparing the financial results for the first six months of both years analyzed, experts recorded a decrease of 10% (to $26.273 billion).

Elden's ring is megabyte;  You have already entered the top 10 games of all time in the United States [Aktualizacja: errata] Illustration No. 2

Source: Twitter / Matt Piscatella.

PS5, Switch and subscriptions dominate

Moreover, it looks interesting Increase spending on gaming subscriptions – Like PC / Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus – While the money invested in consoles decreases. The latter’s total amount decreased by 9% in June 2022 compared to June 2021 and was $2.1 billion – nearly half of the above-mentioned $4.3 billion.

Highest return in 2022 I was born So far PS5 – in June I noticed Double-digit sales growth (in percentage points) compared to the same month in 2021. As for the number of copies purchased by customers, the Switch dominates.

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