April 1, 2023


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The sun will destroy three planets, including the earth. Scientists set the date

The sun, like every star, has an end. no escape. Unfortunately, calculations indicate that three more planets will be destroyed with it. Including, most likely, the Earth.

Scientists are sure. The sun will not last forever. The star that warms our planet will eventually cease to exist. Unfortunately, its destruction will affect the entire solar system, especially the three closest to the planet.

The unfortunate celestial bodies are Mercury, Venus, and the Earth we inhabit. Scientists studying this issue describe what this dramatic process would look like. They also indicated the approximate date of this event.

According to the forecasts of NASA experts dealing with the universe, the Sun will begin to die in about 5 billion years. Associated with this will be the so-called transition to the “red giant” phase.

The sun will destroy the earth when it dies

NASA scientists indicate that the Sun will begin to lose all its hydrogen and will begin to expand. In this way, it is likely to absorb the two closest planets, namely Mercury and Venus.

After research it was found that Earth would not be “treated” in the same way. But consolation is useless. The consequences will be very dire in any case, because our planet, as a result of extremely high temperatures, will remain only a mass of scorched rock.

There are also many indications that at this time the Earth will not be inhabited by living beings. Scientists believe that within a billion years from the planet’s surface, the oceans will evaporate, and the sun’s brightness will increase by about 10 percent. This indicates a lack of favorable living conditions. In a way, it is a relief that the people of Earth will not live to see the death of the sun.

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