No more sharing passwords on Netflix.  We’ll have 15 minutes

Netflix put off this moment for many years, but finally decided to deal with account sharing. The decision is final, in 2023 the platform will stop viewers from sharing passwords as part of the savings. You will have to pay for each new user.

As previously announced, Netflix has decided to permanently end user sharing of accounts. Due to the decrease in revenue, the platform will finally put an end to this illegal practice, which is used by millions of users around the world. According to the Wall Street Journal, at the beginning of 2023, the ability to share accounts in the United States will be eliminated.

Officially, people who live in the same house can share a Netflix account. The company does not allow the sharing of accounts of users who do not live together, but due to insufficient control, the platform has for years failed to control viewers who have given their password to friends or extended family. According to estimates by Netflix, more than 100 million viewers are currently using the service with pseudonymous passwords, which causes huge financial losses.

What is the new Netflix strategy? 15 minutes to respond

Asking those who share an account to pay, Netflix wants to give them a choice: Either they buy an additional subscription as part of their existing account, or they quit and set up their own. These solutions have been tested before. The primary account owner has been verified by IP, device ID, and account activity. In addition, a verification code will be entered.

Instead of preventing password borrowers from accessing someone else’s account, Netflix will require them to enter their device’s verification code. The code is sent to the primary account holder and must be entered within 15 minutes.

If Netflix detects a policy violation, claims will be sent to the primary owner requesting payment for account sharing.

In this case, for example, if a child lives with his parents, he can use their account, but if he goes to study in another city, he must create a new one.

The new Netflix strategy raises concerns among users and market experts. What should people who travel a lot do? What about users who have a second home and a second IP address? This is not specified by Netflix.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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