Tom Hiddleston in "White Darkness"
Tom Hiddleston (“Loki”) will star in “White Darkness” on Apple TV + based on David Grann’s autobiography.

“Dark White” – what will the new Tom Hiddleston series be about?

David Grann in his book describes the story of the traveler Henry Worsley. He is a devoted husband and father, a former soldier in the British Army, a man of honor and sacrifice, but he is also obsessed with adventure and risk taking. His greatest achievement is the hiking and, unfortunately, the tragic hike across the entirety of Antarctica in 2015. The series will feature these events, but also explore the topic of Worsley’s private and family life – an impressive but also controversial character.

Apple Studios, in conjunction with Universal Content Productions, is responsible for production. The show’s winners will be Soo Hyo (“Pachinko”) and Mark Heyman (“Black Swan”, screenplay).

Tom Hiddleston – Final Roles

The Essex Serpent, also created for the AppleTV+ platform, is still waiting for its premiere. The film tells the story of a newly baked widow (Claire Danes) who moves from Victorian London to the village of Aldwinter, and has sparked rumors of the return of the legendary creature known as the Essex Serpent. Hiddleston plays Will Ransome, a community leader. The series is based on a novel by Sarah Perry. Behind the camera is Cleo Barnard (“Dark River”), the script was written by Anna Simon (“Mrs. Wilson”).

We were recently able to impress Hiddleston in the Disney+ production of “Loki”, of course as a cult hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can find the trailer below:

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