We know who will be the “new” investor in the Leżajsk brewery.  Development in negotiations

  • The new owner of the brewery in Leżajsk is a company called Hispaniolan
  • It was created by companies that are part of Heineken Corporation and Mycofeast, which has so far been presented to the public as a “new investor”.
  • The companies that will continue to own shares in the brewery on behalf of Heineken are Grupa Żywiec (the current owner of the brewery) and Beleggingsmaatschappij Limba, headquartered in Amsterdam.
  • This information makes the whole process more mysterious
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As we wrote on Tuesday in the text: When the euphoria subsided, doubts appeared in Legassec. “Who wants to buy our brewery and why?” A new investor has emerged who wants to resume production at the Leżajsk brewery, which was closed in August last year. The mayor of the municipality, Krzysztof Sobiejko, was the first to provide information on this matter (at the beginning of April). He reported that a buyer had emerged for the plant, the British company Mycofeast. However, the factory in Leżajsk has no plans to produce beer. According to what was reported to the mayor, its business plan assumes industrial fermentation of biomass to produce fats, proteins and additives for animal feed.

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