Louisan Tanis: Maman Bogan's tough break

At 72, Louison Tanis lives a quiet life, avoiding the limelight, at her home in Montreal's Chez-nous des Artes. In an interview with Stéphane Leclair Great interviewsA performer in more than 200 roles, she talks about her unconditional love for the theatre, her absolute joy in playing Rita Boucon and the last difficult years of her life, spent in poverty.

Louisan Denis made his theater debut at the age of 13 in Ottawa, where he grew up in the predominantly French-speaking region of Côte-de-Sable. On stage, the actress has played more than 200 characters and given thousands of performances in French and English.

He has directed and directed theaters in Ottawa, Gatineau and Montreal, and authored about thirty plays and stories.

Theatre, for me, is a locomotive, something that changes people's lives. I feel it in the room […]. I feel light emanating from their bodies.

A quote Louisan Dennis

Rita Boucon, a character of a lifetime

On television, you can see it in series like Louisan Tanis Marilyn, Virginia And truthBut that's thanks to his role The Bugger, that's life! That left an indelible mark on the minds of the audience.

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