The investor will spend PLN 8 billion on the construction of CPK

CPK construction. The investor will invest up to PLN 8 billion

“We have an investor who wants to spend up to PLN 8 billion to build CPK Airport in exchange for minority shares in the company that runs the airport! It is a union between Vinci Airports and the global infrastructure fund IFM,” Marcin wrote. Hurawa, Deputy Minister of Finance and Regional Policy, tweeted on Platform X on Tuesday.

He added that Vinci Airports (part of the Vinci Group) is the leading operator of private airports in the world. He said that the company operates, in various forms, more than 70 airports in 13 countries, and employs about 270,000 employees. employees. He pointed out that it is “a company of French origin, although the largest group in the ownership structure currently are institutional shareholders from the United States of America.”

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Horała announced that IFM Global Infrastructure Fund is an investment fund from Australia that manages assets worth approximately US$143 billion, of which approximately US$64 billion. These are capital investments in infrastructure; Its portfolio includes shares in 17 airports around the world.

CPK Airport Financing Structure. Marcin Horawa explains

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