We know who the man is who stands by your lips.  He's a very important person on the staff.  “One of the best specialists”

After winning the Doha Championship I will heal you She didn't have much time to rest. Almost immediately, she moved with her team to Dubai, where she began the next competition at the WTA 1000 tournament. In the 1/16 finals, the Pole will face the American Sloane Stevens. The match will be held on the main stadium on Tuesday, February 20. The match starts at 4:00 pm Polish time.

Before the match, Iga addressed the fans With a private message. “Hi, I'm in Dubai again. It's great to be back here. I hope you will come to watch our matches. “I'm excited for this tournament, it's always been great here, and I hope it's the same this year,” she said in a video posted on social media.

He can rely on the support of his reliable on-site staff. In addition to the trio known to the fans (Tomas Viktorovsky, Daria Abramovich and Maciej Ryszczuk), there is one more person in the lineup. It's about to Świątek's sparring partner, Thomas Moczek. He has remained in the shadow of both the tennis player and her other teammates, but the truth is that he has been helping Iga for a long time. Their cooperation began years ago, when the current WTA ranking leader was coached by Pyotr Serzputowski.

It all started when my good friend, Pyotr Serzbutovsky, became her coach. We knew each other, trained together, and I also had the opportunity to play with his younger sister. One day, he invited me to see a young Polish tennis star. Of course, I didn't refuse, we had a very good relationship on the field since the first training. Iga has made a huge impression on me in every possible aspect

~ – Tomas Moczek told TVP Sport.

They have spent hundreds of hours together on the field and know each other's strengths and weaknesses. But the sparring partner game sometimes needs to be adjusted. Sometimes it happens that during training she tries to imitate the style of Iga's closest opponent. “My mission is Reflect what she can [Świątek] Wait for the next meeting. This of course is also an important characteristic of a sparring partner who must have the ability to adapt. Such a person should be able to differentiate between the game – sometimes you have to hit flat shots, and other times you have to play an opponent who is using turn play. He explained that this is a skill required in this job.

Meanwhile, now say what it really is Tomas Moczek, Pawel Ostrowski, a coach he knows, picks him up.

After a tough win over Rybakina, Svetek wins his third consecutive Qatar Open title/Associated Press/© 2024 Associated Press

What is Iga Świątek's sparring partner really? “Very positive personality”

Ostrowski has a lot of good things to say about sparring partner Iga Świątek. “I can say with confidence that he is a very positive character when it comes to tennis skills. In terms of quality, I think he is.” One of the best specialists in PolandAnd even in the world. He holds the ball very well, can adapt to the pace of play, change rotations, and his serve is very good as well.

It also confirms what Tomas Moschek himself stated. It is the possession of a basic skill, that is, the ability to adapt easily to the trained athlete.

He can adapt, not everyone can do that. Not every good tennis player can be a good sparring partner

~ – Ostrovsky's notes.

The sparring partner of the leader of the WTA rankings is supposed to have another very important advantage. According to the coach, he is simply nice, and that – unlike appearance – is important when it comes to building atmosphere in the team. “Such a person in the Iga Świątek staff is certainly very useful,” sums up Paweł Ostrowski.

I will heal you/AP/East News

Ega Shevetak with her team/Arthur Wedak/Getty Images

Iga Świątek coaching staff/Andre the Scot/East News

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