There is an unexplored source of energy hidden beneath the Earth's surface.  The resources there are enormous

The search for alternatives to fossil fuels is becoming increasingly widespread. The basis of “green” sources is now wind farms and photovoltaics, although some areas of our planet also provide ideal conditions for the use of geothermal energy. It turns out that the sources of this energy found in the sea can be very tempting.

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At least this is what preliminary research results indicate, which indicate that cheap and relatively easily available resources can be exploited. Moreover, geothermal energy has at least one important advantage over wind and solar energy: it is available continuously and is not affected by factors such as overcast skies or lack of wind.

CGG claims that a geothermal source associated with expanding ocean floors could allow for cheap and efficient energy production

Despite its undoubted advantages, geothermal energy represents only 1% of the global energy mix. Because although it is available in many places, access to it is not easy – and therefore involves high costs. Even the research phase itself is characterized by huge expenses, which is why companies participating in it tend to focus on the “most reliable” areas. One of them is the area surrounding the volcanoes.

according to CGG representatives This approach is not optimal, not least due to the fact that as we move away from volcanoes, temperatures drop dramatically. That's why it might be a good idea to implement an alternative approach to a process called ocean floor expansion.

This term refers to the situation in which the movement of tectonic plates apart leads to the formation of new parts of the Earth's crust. According to CGG, the area of ​​these undersea fissures can reach 65,000 square kilometers. In such areas, the magma is closer to the surface, making it easier to find and with less risk of rapid temperature drops.

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Of course, it cannot be very beautiful – in this case, the lack of available energy infrastructure can be a big problem. Large distance from the network can be dealt with in a different way. Instead of producing electricity, it may be possible to focus on the electrolysis process, which would produce environmental hydrogen. This could be used as fuel or converted, for example, into ammonia, the byproduct of which would be water. Undoubtedly, the CGG proposal sounds interesting, but the key will be specific – in theory, such a solution is definitely worth considering.

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