Watch how Novak Djokovic traveled home and what happened in Belgrade

Djokovic traveled from Melbourne to Belgrade via Dubai. The first episode was on Emirates Airlines, and after a transfer in Asia, I flew on a flydubai plane. During the trip, during transportation, Novak took pictures with fans. At the airport in Serbia, he also did not avoid taking pictures, although only at the airport. Nikola Tesla.

Wait on the plane, then got a backup

Videos from the plane have reached the public space. You can see that they are recorded a little hidden. Novak was calm, looking at something on the phone, after landing, he patiently waited for the other passengers to leave the plane. He wasn’t going to scramble down the aisle. Then he left and quickly drove home. He lives in the so-called New Belgrade. In the city, neon banners supporting the player were displayed on the buildings, including “Novak, you are our pride”.

There was other bad news for Novak on Monday. After the tightening of vaccination requirements in France, the participation of tennis players in the French Open will depend on this. After two weeks of discussions, the National Assembly, the lower house of the French parliament, passed a law converting a health passport into a vaccine passport.

After these regulations come into force, submitting a negative result of a coronavirus test will not be enough to reach sports facilities and events, as confirmed on Twitter by French Sports Minister Roxana Marasinho. Earlier, I spoke completely differently. In the tone that Djokovic will be able to participate in the French international, but according to slightly different principles, he is working in a bubble.

– The obligation to have a vaccination passport upon entering the stadium applies to both fans and players, both French and foreigners – Marasinho wrote now.

Problems with sponsors

Djokovic may have a big problem now because the main sponsors – Lacoste and Peugeot – are French companies. Novak is their largest locomotive during Roland Garros. In the current situation, when his starting possibilities in Paris are limited – let us remind you that in the previous season he won not only the French Open, but also the autumn event in Percy – the situation will be very complicated for the leader of the ATP ranking. In this case, her work in the tennis market may not be possible at all. In some ways, his attitude may remind us of the situation with Maria Sharapova. The Russian woman has been accused of accepting unauthorized aid, and the companies she has collaborated with have largely turned their backs on her. Now the situation is similar, but also different. Sharapova couldn’t start because she was taking certain substances, and he can’t because she doesn’t want to eat them.

Until the end of the Australian Open, Novak said he would not answer questions. This also happened at Belgrade Airport. He kept his word and fell silent.

See how Novak Djokovic’s trip home was.

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