An unusual phenomenon on the sun.  A cosmic "snake" flew through the atmosphere [WIDEO]

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The surprising structure on the Sun was photographed on September 5, but scientists have processed the necessary data and released the video only now. The recording was made thanks to the Solar Orbiter, which was developed and sent into orbit around the sun by the European Space Agency in cooperation with the European Space Agency NASA.

This amazing ESA video shows the Sun’s unusual behavior

The few-second film, which the European Space Agency boasted, is roughly 24 hours of material collected, but sped up exponentially. About halfway up, in the central part of our star, we can see a streak of light streaking through the photosphere (the surface layer visible to us) of our star.

It is clear that the line – because of its characteristic movement – resembles a giant snake or a similar animal that lives on the ground. This is what the European Space Agency researchers themselves have observed. The view is unusual to say the least, and you can watch the video below:

However, the explanation for the phenomenon is quite simple. The “snake” in question is a cloud of cooler plasma that stands out in the solar module images against the warmer regions. This line characteristically flows into the Sun’s strong magnetic field.

ESA explainsThat plasma is like matter Gas It gets so hot that a significant part of the molecules in it are electrically charged. Therefore, it is subject to the influence of the magnetic field. However, scientists point out that this time we are dealing with an extremely long stream of colder plasma. That’s why they created such a w file eyes Snake-like structure.

The plasma flows from one side to the other, but the magnetic field is really twisted. We see this change in direction because we’re looking down at the twisted structure

– explains David Long of the Mullard Space Science Laboratory (UCL) in Great Britain.

ESA also notes that the “snake” on one side of the star actually took about three hours to cross, with plasma traveling from Speed up to 170 how much/ s. Further, the plasma started its journey from the active region, which later became the source Coronal mass ejection (Expulsion of a huge plasma cloud). So the serpent was a precursor to this event, write specialists at the European Space Agency.

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