Tianwen-1 changes orbit.  The Chinese want to study Mars more closely

Tianwen-1, the first Chinese mission linked to Mars so far, is on track. Until recently, the orbiter in the orbit of the red planet supported the Jurong rover in it From May on the roof. Now the CNSA has a new mission for the ship.

So far, Tianwen-1 has been in orbit every 8 hours 12 minutes, with the closest approach being 400 km and the highest point being 12,000 km. Spins Reduced to 265 km for the center and 10.7 thousand. How much about Abucenter.

Photo: CNSA

Tianwen-1 . orbit

At first, the Chinese wanted to change the orbit differently, but the mission of the Zhurong rover has been extended Tianwen-1 is still supposed to communicate with the surface device every now and then. Hence the need to change CNSA plans.

Tianwen-1 is to explore Mars closely from orbit. The ship has seven instruments on board, including Medium and HD cameras For mapping large areas. In addition, the Chinese have placed the MOSIR . radar Searching for ice below the surface.

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