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Dozens of scientists and conservationists worked on a report on the state of the Great Salt Lake – Non-flowing tank located in the large basin. It is one of the largest salt lakes, as well as the saltiest body of water on Earth after the Dead Sea. The salinity of the lake is 3 to 5 times greater than the salinity of the water in the oceans, which makes it unique in the world.

The Great Salt Lake disappears. Scientists are sounding the alarm

The researchers’ conclusions are troubling. Scientists believe that if no concrete action is taken by 2024, the lake will disappear in the next five years. According to the US Geological Survey, in July 2022, the lake surface dropped to its lowest level since measurements began in 1847, and the process is ongoing.

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The lake has already lost nearly half of its surface compared to the historical average. The bottom of the tank is pierced in places. This creates a large bowl of toxic dust that can pollute the air around nearby Salt Lake City.

The lake’s rapid changes are caused by drought exacerbated by climate change. Scientists have called on state lawmakers to take “emergency action” to save the Great Salt Lake before the water level drops to zero. If the worst scenario materializes, not only the surrounding nature but also the local population will be in danger.

for him [Wielkiego Jeziora Słonego – przyp. red.] The disappearance could cause serious damage to public health, the environment, and the economy in Utah. The choices we make over the next few months, the authors write in the report, will affect the state of us and our ecosystems across the West for decades to come.

Experts call on the governor and legislature to make “unprecedented, radical changes”. The main idea is to allow more water to flow into the lake until it reaches a sustainable level. Utah residents, in turn, are asked to limit the exploitation of the sediment in the lake.

Reversing the collapse of the Great Salt Lake system is perhaps the greatest challenge we have faced in our state’s history. The researchers noted that history shows that our society is only capable of this kind of daring collective action.

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