We have a new predecessor?  The artificial intelligence found him

our genetic code It’s actually breathtaking Library of knowledge about each of us. You can read from it the color of your hair or the diseases that threaten us in the future. But the genome contains something else, the history of all our later ancestors.

Scientists came up with an unusual idea and used an artificial intelligence unit to study the human genome. To their surprise, the algorithm found a trace of an unknown ancestor of modern humans, which they named “Soul ancestorIn the journal Nature Communications Publish the results of this exciting scientific investigation.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) analyzed every bit of the human genetic code. At some point, I came across a trail of a mysterious teenage girl from a whole new group of humans, with whom our ancestors must have had a brief fling 50,000 years ago.

Scientists believe that it occurred during the so-called “A wonderful exit from AfricaAccording to this theory, modern humans evolved in Africa, then left that continent during the Great Migration and spread across Asia and Australia. And along the way, he mated with numerous humans, and each “sexual adventure” left its mark on our own. genetic code.

They were mostly Neanderthals and Neanderthals from the famous “Denisova Cave”.Which is located in Altai, Siberia. In the 1970s, archaeologists discovered the ancestor-like remains of a previously unknown species related to Neanderthals. Modern humans also have a trace of their genome.

Artificial intelligence He became interested in a part of the human genetic code that scientists have called “hybrid fossilThis has been shown to be a keepsake of the mating between Homo sapiens and a teenage girl, which occurred 50,000 years ago.

Our genome may contain many mysteries related to human history on Earth. Perhaps artificial intelligence will be able to correctly read the path traveled by Neanderthals until the moment when modern humans, the famous “homo sapiens”, appeared on our planet. The story, published in Nature Communications, shows that many surprises lie ahead.

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