A super computer like the human brain.  Will there be a technological breakthrough in 2024?

The computer still has the greatest computing power American border. But that may change next year, when the Australians launch their own supercomputer, which is supposed to be “like a human brain.”

Australian scientists are building a new supercomputer that will surprise the world. He is known as Deep South It was developed by the University of Western Sydney. According to plans, it is scheduled to be launched next year, but a specific date has not been revealed yet.

According to available information The supercomputer will be able to perform up to 228 trillion entangled operations per second, which according to estimates will be comparable to the speed of operations in the human brain..

– Progress in understanding how brain Computations using neurons are hampered by our inability to simulate brain-like networks on a large scale, said Andre van Schaik, director of the International Center for Neural Systems at Western Sydney University.

The creation of DeepSouth aims to provide a better understanding of how our brains use limited energy to process massive amounts of information. As a result, this may lead to Revolutionizing our approach For this authority.

– Simulating spiking neural networks on standard computers with multi-core GPUs and CPUs is simply too slow and power-hungry. Our system will change that,” Van Schaik added.

In turn, this was stated by Ralph Etienne Cummings from Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore DeepSouth will be a game-changer in neuroscience. “If you’re trying to understand the brain, this is the equipment you can do it on,” he said.

The researcher believes that this technology will be of interest to neuroscientists as well as scientists who want to innovate new engineering solutions in the field of artificial intelligence. At the same time, work is underway to develop the so-called Biological computersWhich will be powered by living brain cells.

Futurists are already predicting that the “next step in development” will be the introduction of one of the supercomputers into the machine, which will Real cyborgs will be created. Putting DeepSouth into a human computer would not be possible at this time, because the size of this computer is much larger than the size of the human brain.

However, this does not mean that in the near future a person will not create a special organ-sized computer with the same or higher computing power. It should also be remembered that last week Elon Musk Introduce him The latest humanoid robot It has exceptional smoothness of movement, very similar to human movements.

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