A supermassive black hole with three others.  "There's a lot of chaos out there."

Supermassive black holes have even Millions of solar masses They are destructive in their own right. But what will happen when we throw this “company” into other black holes? It would be a big mess, and such a thing was found by scientists who conducted model studies on observations from 2019.

Accompanied by a supermassive black hole Three smaller things of this kind have been discoveredThat got caught in the big disk of the former. This is where the massive gravity comes into play. So much so, that smaller black holes tend to be larger.

The research follows an observation from May 2019, when scientists stumbled upon a strange gravitational wave event. Scientists have sought to explain the mystery and say that a supermassive black hole adjacent to three smaller bodies of this type is best suited.

This corner of the universe must be a real hell. Nothing will last even a moment under these conditions. Smaller black holes are so strongly affected by larger ones that their orbits bend.

At the same time, we invite you to listen to the latest episode of the podcast from a technical point of view. This time, we talked about the activities of Anonymous and the war of disinformation that is also taking place on the Polish network in connection with the Russian attack on Ukraine. Can an ordinary electrode help somehow? You will find the answer below:

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