We can’t shoot these bullets

The BBC Russian editorial board quoted the military as saying that air defenses can effectively defend against several types of Russian missiles. These are: Kalibr missiles (3M14), R-500 missiles (9M728) included in the Iskander-K suite, as well as several aircraft-launched Ch-type missiles, such as the Ch-55, Ch-101 and Ch-101. .555 missiles.

The Ukrainians can also shoot down Kh-59 guided missiles from aircraft, as well as Kh-35 anti-ship missiles, which can destroy targets at a distance of up to 260 km.

However, the Ukrainian defense is still unable to shoot down: Iskander-M (9M723), Oniks (R-800) anti-ship missiles, Kinzhals (Ch-47) hypersonic missiles and Kh-31P missiles, as well as missiles used in Smerch and SM 300 missile systems.

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