He was supposed to propose to his girlfriend, but he ended up in the hospital.  Instead of vacationing in Barcelona, ​​she was hospitalized.  The diagnosis has destroyed their dreams

Łukasz Łukomski from Ostrów Wielkopolski has been diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Lucas worked on the railway every day. He was away from home when he collapsed. He was still able to call his girlfriend to inform him that he was being taken to hospital. The future fiancée did not expect the reason for Lucas’ fainting to be so serious. The diagnosis was a shock to both of them. It turned out that Lucas had a brain tumor in the right frontal lobe, a malignant glioma infiltrate with microvascular proliferation, and cells with features of pleomorphism and multiple divisions. It sounds terrible and it’s true. When Lucas’s girlfriend arrived at the hospital, she learned from the doctor that her boyfriend had a tumor in his head the size of a ping-pong ball!

The next day I was on standby waiting for information, and Lucas was supposed to call me. However, the phone was silent. I couldn’t reach him until someone finally answered on the other end. However, it wasn’t his voice… The nurse told me that Lucas was unconscious and that I should come to the hospital as soon as possible. It was the longest two hours of my life, and I hardly remember the road – Lucas’s girlfriend reports.

Then the ordeal began, with referral to chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which did not produce any significant results. However, Lucas’s girlfriend does not give up, she is fighting for her lover’s life, and wants to try treatment in Germany, which is Lucas’s only chance at the moment – We want to try immunotherapy in Germany. However, this test is very expensive, as the test itself to create an immunogenic vaccine costs about PLN 25,000. Zloty. The cost of producing the vaccine is about PLN 350,000. PLN plus travel and possible additional on-site treatment – Lucas’s friend explains.

You can support Łukasz here Currently, more than PLN 11,000 has been collected, but there is still a lot to achieve, about PLN 414,000. Every support is worth its weight in gold.

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Added: 10 November 2023 18:13

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