The game developers behind Microsoft are in a dispute with Sony.  The transaction may have a positive impact on the industry

Today the CMA released Microsoft and Sony’s responses to the Activision Blizzard deal, but the officials also provided an interesting report. 6 companies from the UK are convinced that the Xbox manufacturer should buy the creators of Call of Duty.

The Competition and Markets Authority has been collecting information about Microsoft’s potential merger with Activision Blizzard, and UK officials have provided the opinions of six third-party developers and publishers operating in the UK.

All companies are of the opinion that the deal should be done because it can have a positive impact on the market. The CMA revealed one company that responded to the actions of those responsible — behind the deal is 4J Studios, which worked on the console versions of Minecraft.

Officials have confirmed that the studio responsible for the acclaimed series is on the list, as it is an important voice in the case – Chris Van der Kuijl confirmed this Microsoft has never favored its platform.

During the ownership phase by Microsoft [Minecrafta] We’ve never been pressured to prefer Microsoft’s proprietary formats, in fact, Microsoft has actively encouraged the creation of unique content, such as the “Mario Mash Up” bundle for Nintendo’s formats, says studio head Chris Van der Quill.

Microsoft is portrayed as a company that has helped developers bring their products to life:

“Microsoft has also brought great stability and rigor to our contractual and business relationships, and we have been honest and professional in all of our dealings with them.”

“The gaming industry is now the largest entertainment industry in the world, and as such, it is inevitable that companies like Microsoft will need access to more content and talent to justify their continued investment in large-scale hardware platforms like the Xbox.”

According to offshore companies – pThe situation will positively affect the industry and even “It could create a more level playing field between Xbox and PlayStation, which is much needed.”. The deal was described in a CMA document as a “natural development for the industry”.

“We do not view the proposed acquisition of Activision Blizzard as anything more than a natural evolution of the industry, and that gives us no reason to worry about our future capabilities.”

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