We can accept five times the number of students from Ukraine

  • The Shanghai List, published by Shanghai Jiao Tong University since 2003, evaluates more than 2,500 universities around the world.
  • The University of Warsaw and the Jagiellonian University are the highest-ranked Polish universities in international rankings.
  • Professor Nowak stresses the importance of competition between universities, which can lead to improved quality of research and teaching.
  • The conversation raises the issue of the reliability of rankings, but the interviewee emphasizes that in the case of Poland they are of key importance for attracting students and funding.
  • Students want a broad, interdisciplinary education, which requires reflection on the structure of teaching programmes. Perhaps we need to teach through dialogue more than “master-disciple” relationships.
  • Grant awarding is a major problem due to bureaucracy and lack of technical skills among grantees. What proposals does the President of the University of Warsaw see to solve this problem?
  • Collaboration between science and business is crucial to academic and economic development.
  • Are foreign students interested in studying in Poland? Are Polish universities interested in foreign students?

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