The University of Applied Sciences in Tarnów changed to the Academy of Applied Sciences.  Plans include graduate studies in law, psychology and medical school

Law, psychology and medical school are new and prestigious fields of study that the State Vocational School of Tarnów is trying to launch. As of Tuesday (March 1), the university turns into the Academy of Applied Sciences.

Currently, at the largest university in Tarnów, a master’s degree can be obtained in 10 fields of study, two of which – physical therapy, pre-school education and early school – are combined – 5-year master’s studies.

They are also supposed to be of a similar nature new trends, which Tarnów University strives intensively for. While for law and psychology, the residential base on campus is between Mickiewicza and ks. Sitko, in the case of the medical school, the development of a separate building is taken into account. Conversations are being held on this topic with the city, and at the same time with the directors of a dozen or so hospitals across the region, where practical lessons are being conducted.

– It is a very difficult process, but we faced such a challenge. Law, Psychology and Medical School are prestigious and popular fields of study, thanks to which our university will definitely become more attractive. Many young people of the region want to study, but not everyone can go to the big cities. This will be an offer to them. I strongly believe that we will get permits and be able to start them as soon as possible – says Magorzata Kogba, Dean of the State Vocational Higher School in Tarnów.

As of March 1, PWSZ will operate as the Academy of Applied Sciences. The many months of efforts and preparations that preceded the implementation of the decision announced in October during the opening ceremony of the school year ended.

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