Controversy surrounds the horror film “The Immaculate” in the United States.  What will the situation be like in Poland?

“Immaculata” is Michael Mohan's latest film with Sydney Sweeney in the lead role. According to journalists from abroad who have already had the opportunity to see the film – the project is full of plot twists, hectoliters of blood, the atmosphere of the devil, but also eroticism – which seems contradictory for a film set in a monastery.

Meanwhile, emotions are running high due to the shocking and controversial promotional campaign.

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Red-faced nuns

In March, at a special screening of “Immaculate” in Los Angeles, Sidney Sweeney wore a T-shirt that looked like the artwork. Flowers covered her bare breasts and stomach, and she wrapped her arms around her waist to support the bouquet. Moreover, the star appeared with nuns whose faces were covered with red cloth, and accompanied her grandmothers to the event, who are said to be proud of the controversy surrounding their granddaughter's video.

After the premiere, opinions were expressed among more conservative viewers: “Satanic, profane, pure evil and blatantly offensive. It is sacrilegious and has a third act that spits in the face of all that is sacred. Just… evil.”

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