"We Are Two Lost Souls": Discover the Woman Behind Hubert Lenoir

On stage at the ADISQ gala last Sunday, just before Hubert Lenoir gave one of his acceptance speeches, he posed like a Felix. The singer’s loyal partner for almost ten years, Nomi D. Leclerc is in all his projects, mostly in the shadows. “We ran away, Hubert and I. We were two lost souls,” the 26-year-old says of her best friend.

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“I owe him everything,” Hubert Lenoir replied in an interview when we asked him about Noémie D. Leclerc. And he really wasn’t exaggerating.

An associate of Hubert Lenoir followed Felix before he made his acceptance speech.

Photo by QMI Agency, Joel Lemay

An associate of Hubert Lenoir followed Felix before he made his acceptance speech.

The first album released by the songwriter, Darlene In 2018, Noemie funded it with her own savings. “I worked at McDonald’s on Boulevard Saint-Anne from 15 to 18. [à Québec]Noémie says at Register. I split all my salary in half. Half went into the savings account. I took this accumulated money to the fund Darlene. »

Five years ago, Noémi met Hubert for the first time while performing at a defunct Cercle in Quebec. “He was so special, so different. He had every confidence imaginable,” she recalled. […] I remember falling in love with him straight away. I fell in love, completely, utterly, instantly. »

After losing sight of each other, the same year, during a Paul McCartney concert in the Plains of Abraham, they had to meet by chance. “I think we took it as a sign that we’d never let go afterwards. […] We understood very quickly that we were kindred spirits because we were basically artists and understood each other in the art we wanted to make. »

Nomi and Hubert, in February 2022.

Photo courtesy of Noémie D. Leclerc

Nomi and Hubert, in February 2022.

Big surprise

In 2018, when it was time to fund Darlene, Noémie D. Leclerc did not hesitate. “At the time, I didn’t really have any money,” says Hubert.

The album cost $7,000 to produce and launched the singer’s career. But at the time, the disc was only used as the book’s soundtrack Darlene, Nomi had written. “It was a big surprise,” he said. We don’t have any plans. »

We know the rest. Darlene 4 is going to beat Felix. Four years later, Hubert released his second album. Pictura de IPSE: Live MusicIt received a total of 7 Felix.

All official photos, all music videos of Hubert Lenoir, created by Noémie. After completing a CEGEP semester in literature, he returned to cinema. He considers himself an autodidact and wants to make films one day.

Hubert and Nomi, in January 2018

Photo Archives, QMI Agency

Hubert and Nomi, in January 2018

No visual call

On Hubert’s new tour, Nomi accompanies him on stage with a live video camera. Since he is so close to the singer, was it ever considered that he would do a duet with her?

“I don’t want to make a scene in life. It’s not my calling, she replies. I don’t play a musical instrument either. I’ve always wanted to attract attention. […] In each instance, there is always a guy who comes to tell me in the strictest of terms that it seems like I need to get rid of myself. It bothers me! I chose my place. I am very fortunate to have the position I have. »

In an interview a few days ago, Hubert Lenoir told us that the two albums he has released in recent years are only “the tip of the iceberg” for him, and that he has other ambitions for what follows. Nomi was not surprised by these comments.

“Hubert, he wakes up in the middle of the night, opens my cell phone, or his, and records the melody he dreamed up. The next morning, I was sick of hearing it! He has so much music in him. Good music that makes you dance, music that brings you to life. I think we need it. I can’t wait to hear the next song he’s going to write. I’m really ready. I will be there for him whenever he needs me. It is solid and sturdy. »

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