February 1, 2023


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25th anniversary of Marie-Soleil Tougas: her brother Faith

25th anniversary of Marie-Soleil Tougas: her brother Faith

As we celebrate August 10, The 25th Anniversary of Marie-Soleil Tougas and Jean-Claude Lawson In a plane crash, the actress’ brother said emotionally. This happened during a round table highlighting the launch of the documentary Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: Beyond the Stars That Sebastien Dagas He spoke about the lives of two missing persons and their deaths.

In this documentary tribute to his sister’s life, Sébastien Dougas explains her beginnings, her career and what she left behind.

Asked how he fares 25 years later, he said: “Honestly, I think about it every day. My mother used to say the same thing.

She says that August 10, the day that marks the anniversary of her sister’s death, is always more emotional. “We could say it’s another year, but it makes things more concrete.”

For the documentary, Sébastien Tougas explained that he had no problem talking about it to know the effect of his re-immersion in life and his sister’s death. However, he said it was difficult to re-watch certain images, such as re-watching images of a funeral, news reports or an accident.

Sébastien Tougas added: “But I know that’s the truth. To really immerse myself, it allows me to accept myself better.

Gaston LePage also looks back on this momentous day

Same story Gaston LePage, He was in the north with Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude when the crash happened and said he was sad to talk about the ordeal again.

He appreciated listening to the testimonies of Marie-Soleil Tougas and Jean-Claude Lauzon, who admire all the love present in this hour and a half of the documentary.

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All about the documentary on the death of Marie-Soleil Tougas

Marie-Soleil and Jean-Claude: Beyond the Stars, Available on VRAI, presents the story of the life and death of these beloved heroes of the public: Marie-Soleil Tougas and Jean-Claude Lawson.

It includes excerpts from the archives and testimonies from her verandahs, her friends and those in the community who knew her.

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