Montreal pianist wins Sophie International Piano Competition

(Warsaw) 18 Arbitration Boarde Sophie’s international piano competition was crowned by Montreal Bruce (Chiou) Liu. The news broke on Thursday morning local Warsaw time. The prize winner won a scholarship of 40,000 euros (approximately $ 57,400) and began his career as a pianist using an unusual springboard.

Monica Sislowska
Associated Press

The winner’s first reaction to the announcement of the winner’s victory was very simple, “God! I do not know what to say. Like the other participants on this prestigious stage, he was healed by declaring that he dreamed of this moment.”

Then young Liu, 24, said, “Having the opportunity to play Sobin in Warsaw is one of the most beautiful things you can imagine.”

“Of course I am really honored by this award and the confidence of the jury and the welcome I have received in recent days,” he continued.

According to the biography available on the competition site, Bruce (Xiao) graduated from the Liu Montreal Conservatory of Music. He studied with Richard Raymond and had the opportunity to play with the orchestra Symphony de Montreal, the Cleveland band, the Israel Philharmonic and the orchestra des Amariks.

Significant participation in the soap opera opens the doors of the world’s best concert halls for pianists and generally paves the way for excellent recording deals with large publishing companies.

The competition, which is held every five years, was postponed last year due to an epidemic.

Other finalists are Leonora Armelini of Italy; JJ Jun Li Bui from Canada; Alexander Godzev of Italy and Slovenia; Martin Garcia Garcia from Spain; Eva Georgian from Russia and Armenia; Jacques Guslik and Kamil Pacholek from Poland; Amy Kobayashi and Kyohe Sorida from Japan; Haw Rao from China; And Hugh Lee of South Korea.

The audience stressed that this year’s competition was very tough and it was very difficult to identify a clear option.

Alexander Laskovsky, a spokesman for the Friedrich Soap Institute, which organizes the competition, commented that all finalists were “exceptional artists.”

The second prize went to Alexander Godzev and Kyohei Sorida, and the third prize went to Martin Garcia Garcia.

Cubes Charles Richard-Hamel finished second in the previous competition, which was held in 2015.

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