We are all hypocrites  The Journal of Montreal

Do you know why young people should study classics?

Because, contrary to what many people think, classics are not dusty works that speak of “the old days”.

These works tell timeless truths and allow us to understand the world we live in.

Both sides of the mouth

take it Dom Juan.

Moliere wrote this piece in 1665. However, 358 years later, the piece remains as relevant as when it was created.

“Hypocrisy is a fashionable vice, and all fashionable vices pass over the virtues,” says one of his characters.

This line seems like it was written yesterday!

Look around you…

If there is a fashionable companion in our time, it is hypocrisy!

The world is full of mouths on both sides!

One who says one thing and does the opposite!

Govt wants concession for local procurement… but gives contract to foreign companies!

Radio-Canada will never stop extolling the virtues of diversity…but creating shows where everyone thinks alike and doesn’t disagree!

Vox climbs the curtains when kids dress up as Japanese or Mexicans on Halloween…but gets choked up when men dress up as girls!

The government punishes taxpayers who don’t pay fair taxes… while the Caisse depot et placement du Québec hides billions of dollars in tax havens!

Racists Condemn Segregation… But Organize Actions Only For Blacks!

The Solidarity Fund says its primary mission is to help the Quebec economy… but is investing more and more in companies founded outside of Quebec!

do what I say…

Our cultural institutions claim that freedom of expression is a fundamental value of society… but they force artists to respect all kinds of conditions if they want to receive their grants, thereby stifling their freedom of expression!

According to cultural watchdogs, it’s an artist’s role to stand with the crowd… but panic when three anonymous Jozos criticize them on Instagram!

Billionaire bankers wrap themselves in virtue by supporting civilized causes…while tax evasion, our governments lose billions of dollars in revenue, billions that could be invested in education, health and the fight against pollution and poverty!

Opponents of Bill 21 find the law racist because it “prevents” some teachers from expressing their beliefs… but fails when a politician puts his Catholic values ​​at the forefront!

Long live Moliere!

What do you want, it’s time…

The more a man claims to be virtuous, the more he is obliged to hide his vices and show hypocrisy!

As Moliere said Misanthrope: “There must be a good virtue in the world / By wisdom, one may be accused / Right reason leaves all bounds / And we want to be wise with moderation.”

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