Another Russian embarrassment.  They destroyed their precious tank at the front – the O2

The Russians have already declared their success, and have already celebrated the successful operation of the Lancet drones on the battlefield. And then it turned out that they did not destroy the M-55S tank that Slovenia had transferred to Ukraine, but rather their own T-90M. Soon, experts analyzed the recordings that the occupiers had initially bragged about, and they no longer had any doubts.

It all happened during the battles for the village of Ropotyn in Zaporizhia. The operators of the Lancet combat drone were convinced that they had tracked down the machine of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. So they immediately sent a drone into action, which easily crashed into a tank traveling on the road. Soon the media and war bloggers were boasting about the recordings on Telegram. And it started.

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Weapons experts immediately noticed that the scalpel had hit the Russian machineWith this, she completed her mission in Ukraine. We don’t know if the crew survived and what happened to the machine, but the two droids quickly fell into the hands of the defenders of Ukraine, so the T-90M may have been left on the battlefield and would no longer be useful to the Russian military. It was supposed to be very pretty.

Operators of the Zala Lancet-3 drone are the bane of Ukrainian forces and Russian-made combat machines They perform very well on the battlefield. But as you can see, when a man is in charge of operating the drone, there are mistakes too. And the Russians have made a lot of these mistakes since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, which can only make us happy.

The destruction of the T-90M tank is a huge loss for Vladimir Putin’s army. These are the best machines that the Russian army has today. However, on the battlefield, the tanks produced in Nizhny Tagil were mercilessly mocked by the Ukrainian Armed Forces, who destroyed them one by one. The most important thing is that such a tank costs as much as 4.5 million dollars.

Recently, there have been reports that today Ukraine has more tanks than Russia. Experts estimate that Kiev could send up to 1,500 tanks to fight today, while the invasion forces have around 1,400, which is much less than at the start of the war. The Russians don’t care about equipment, which later material from the battlefield shows well.

Western equipment – even the Panther tanks donated to Ukraine by many countries – has become more effective on the battlefield. Meanwhile, Russia’s Uralwagonzavod factories in Nizhny Tagil and Chelyabinsk were ordered to rebuild their production lines. From now on, they will produce up to 1,600 T-90M tanks of the latest generation per year.

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