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A romantic thriller by Sophie DeVry.

To see the extent of the latest book by Sophie Divry (author of, among others Residential status And Three times the end of the world chez Notabilia Five severed hands au Seuil), we think that the author has again changed the galaxies. After a revision of Bowarism, a prospect, an essay (Open the novel again), a chorus of testimonies from tattered yellow underwear, this time continuing his search for forms with a teeming novel. A wonderful love story A supernatural thriller in the setting of a seemingly impossible love story. Like three CERN scientists who accidentally create glowing crystals, Sophie Divry dares to try alchemy. “Science consists of going from failure to failure with constant confidence”says the aptly named Victoire Hazzard, always impish in style and a top physicist at a Swiss lab.

Why is it crystal blue?

Following a chemical bath gone wrong, the crystals have turned an alluring blue and, after all, release a deadly narcotic to those who see them. How they landed in an Ent compactor from CERN

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