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Warsaw Commuter Railways was the most punctual Polish carrier in 2021, according to a report from the Office of Railways Transport. As reported, WKD’s punctuality rate was 99.46 percent, meaning that nearly every train reached the destination station without delay.

As you can read in the report, WKD carries out transport operations on its own infrastructure, thanks to which the trains of this carrier are not exposed to most delaying factors. In addition, random events occur sporadically on the 36-kilometre WKD network. Most of the carriers that do best in punctuality operate over relatively short distances.

In the case of PKP SKM in Tri-City (punctuality rate of 98%) or UBB (Oznam Coastal Railway, a German rail company providing coastal transport by road: Świnoujście Centrum to Barth and Zinnowitz to Peenemünde), which was 97.35%. Indicator of punctuality, we can talk about a situation similar to the Warsaw stand.

Poland’s largest rail operator, Polregio, posted a punctuality rate of 90.59% last year.

Intercity PKP trains are the least punctual

The report of the Office of Rail Transport shows that the lowest punctuality among the carriers operating according to the schedule was recorded last year by the company PKP Intercity, which operates trains on the longest routes, which means that many events on the network may affect the punctuality of this carrier . The average punctuality on PKP intercity trains in 2021 was 72.55 percent.

As explained by UTK, the much greater distance traveled by long-distance rail passengers may translate into a greater likelihood of experiencing more difficult delays than in the case of regional carriers. In the case of a rail conglomerate, the delays are often less than the waiting time for the possibility of continuing the journey, for example in bus transportation or in individual car transportation.

With roads averaging nearly 240 kilometers in length, the potential for much greater delays by the passenger is greater, and in many cases the journey cannot be terminated and a different mode of transportation is used.

What is the average WKD trip?

Data collected by the Office of Railways show that the average passenger distance on the Warsaw Commuter Railways last year was 15 kilometers, while in PKP Intercity it was 238 kilometers.

Also inform us About the renovation and the new platform in the western railway station:

New platform and pedestrian bridge at West Railway StationMatthew Szilter /

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