Singer and actor Paulo Noel has died at the age of 93

Former singer-songwriter Paulo Noel has died at the age of 93. He was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. From the time he was in the orphanage to the many scenes in Quebec, he knew how to turn the misfortune of his beginning into a model path with the loving support of Diane for 55 years.

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Pavlo Noel was born on March 4, 1929, into a dysfunctional family. “My father was a robber and my mother a prostitute,” he had already said. Registration. The situation took him to a very young orphanage, where he would be between the ages of six and thirteen. It was here that a nun saw his vocal talent and inspired him to sing.

At a young age, he started working in a factory to earn a living, but he passed on the benefit of his voice to his friends. In 1948, the Dino Rossi impersonation contest opened the doors of CKAC radio. He then began to sing in the cabaret and was noticed by the cards of his idol Dino Rossi and Louis Mariano.

Charming singer

In the 1950s, Paul Noel was a regular at the Montreal Corporate. Recorded the first disc with four songs including Beautiful star of love And Because I love you. Because of her love songs, her natural charm and her plastic beauty, she soon earned the label of charming singer.

Palo Noel in 1988

Archive photo

Palo Noel in 1988

In 1954, he made his television debut on the radio show Canada-Music-Hall. He continues his involvement in all Montreal corporations and makes his first steps as an actor in Canadian theater, thanks to Jean Grimaldi. His reputation grew steadily, and in 1956 he achieved his first record-breaking success Virgin Mary And My prayer. The following year, he was elected Master of Ceremonies by the famed Cabaret Casa Loma. In 1958, one of his greatest successes, Small sailing boatThis indicates his great interest in the sea.

A comeback

However, the world of corporates began to wane in the early 1960s. After a brief career in France, Paulo Noel returned to Montreal and worked extensively in television. In particular, he animates Leading music At Télé-Métropole, daily, before conducting with Dominic Michael Toast and coffee He was also in charge from 1965 to 1969 Youth Music HallParticipated from 1967 to 1975, and early Tanners from us, With Pierre Marcotte and Gilles Latulipe. In 1968, he was also selected as Mr. Radio-Television at the Gala des Artists.

Pavlo Noel and Yves Carpel in 1982

Archive photo

Pavlo Noel and Yves Carpel in 1982

Musically, it also drives a change. Since the early 1970s, he has enjoyed a new popularity with songs with humorous meanings such as celebrity. Ballet, You have a lot of beautiful beep-pops Or Flip Flop e.

Comedian and writer

Versatile artist Paulo Noel has also made his mark as an actor. In 1969, he starred in the film Danger to the community By Jean Martino, but he excelled, above all, in the role of Tony Bodenza in the 1999 series. Omerta, By Luc Dionne. In 2012, in the film of the same name, he teamed up with Rene Angel to take on the role again. The actor has acted in some films. My aunt Alin, Curved fingers Where Red Mountain.

Diane Bolduk, Doris Lucier and Pavlo Noel

Archive photo

Diane Bolduk, Doris Lucier and Pavlo Noel

Paulo Noel was also a successful writer. Published by him in 1980 Between love and hate: From orphanage to success, A first biographical account. To be continued three years later, Between love and hate: thus changing the air, changing lifeAnd in 2012, I was bitten by life, life bitten by me. More than 150,000 copies of his stories were found by recipients when they were published.

A solid love

If Paulo Noel was without love at the beginning of his life, he made up for it when he met Diane, who had been his lover for over 55 years. “I was invited to attend a big party that brought together all the hairdressers in the province, but I was so tired,” he said. Registration, A few years ago. Finally, Jack Normand’s brother, who had arranged the party, told me to go, and I saw Diane again, who was a model. She saw that I was not spinning and we finished the evening together. They have not left each other since that day.

Family of Palo Noel in 1982

Archive photo

Family of Palo Noel in 1982

Their relationship, however, did not want an artist in the family, especially since he was 16 years older than Diane and struggled to go to the mother-in-law’s side. But the proof that love cannot be controlled is that they had two children, Constantino and Vanessa. Pavlo already had three children (Johan, Mario and Jeanette) from a previous relationship. They have eleven grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren.

For many years, Pavlo retired to his 300-year-old home in Saint-Denis-de-La-Poutillari in the Comoros region on the banks of the Noel River.

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