Who can the inspector visit to check if we pay RTV subscription?  explains the Polish Post

We recently reported that Poczta Polska did not want to disclose the number of employees of its Financial Services Center who check whether citizens and companies pay radio and television license fees. Due to the high attention of the media and the Poles, the Foundation changed its mind. On her website, she posted an article titled “RTV subscription: We dispel myths, present the facts”. – No more than a few dozen consoles carry out missions across the country – also officially recognized.

“We focus on companies and institutions”

For a company of 80,000 people and 7.6 thousand employees. There are not many outlets, branches and agencies. – No postman is authorized to perform checks on compliance with the recipients’ registration! This is done only by authorized personnel of the Financial Service Center in Poczta Polska. During the inspection, these people must show their work identification card, and at the request of the person being inspected, they must also show their identity card.

The company also reported that it sometimes visits single-family blocks or homes for inspection. – By law, the obligation to register recipients and the obligation to conduct inspections applies to all users of RTV receivers. However, Poczta Polska mainly focuses on companies and organizations. The number of home inspections is minimal and makes up only a percentage of all inspections I explained.

Poczta Polska maintained that it had been collecting fees for the use of radio receivers before World War II, and that Polish law is less restrictive than in many European countries. – For example: In the Czech Republic, as in Poland, it is the post office that collects the subscription fee. Every motive of electricity is considered to be shared, and thus the postal operator obtains the information from the energy operator. In Italy or Portugal, the subscription fee is added to the electricity bill. In Germany, the collector is a specially designated institution, and the fee is credited to the flat by default. The establishment noted that registration with our western neighbor takes place during the check-in process.

The Foundation claims that it does not use classified databases. – The post office uses the subscriber database (database of registered subscribers – persons and entities who have completed the registration procedure) and publicly available databases, such as the Central Register of Hotel Facilities or the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity He explains in a recently published article.

If subscription arrears are found, the viewer or radio listener should receive a reminder letter. If it also fails, Poczta Polska must issue an executive deed and file it with the enforcement authority, which in this case is the local head of the tax office. Receivables are collected by treasury collectors from a special unit with powers similar to bailiffs. For example, they can secure a bank account, stocks or bonds. In the event of an increase in debt, real estate too.

Poczta Polska: You have to pay for TVs without an antenna and a decoder

A few months ago, lawyers from Cancelaria Prawna Media argued that people who do not have traditional television, but have televisions to receive streaming services such as Netflix, do not have to pay a subscription to radio and television. The subscription law mentions “instant collection”. – The user can play all content (movies and series) distributed by a specific platform on demand at any time. this is the reason The person using the services of these applications or platforms does not have to pay a subscription fee. But the condition is that the device the user is using is not configured to receive the program immediately. So it comes to a situation where the user is watching content from a phone, computer, smart TV or any other device that is not connected to the TV signal at the same time – explained Aleksandra Kolbosz from Media Law Firm.

Poczta Polska offers a different interpretation in this case. – The purchased TV set can receive TV. The law specifies the presumption of use – It is assumed that a person who has a radio or television receiver if he can receive a program immediately uses this receiver. According to applicable law, it must be registered, the institution explains.

As of 2023, the fee for the wireless receiver alone is 8.70 PLN. If you also have a TV, you have to pay PLN 27.30. Fees must be paid no later than the 25th of the month. People who pay more months in advance can benefit from the discount. The most severe penalty for the receiver not registering and not paying the RTV subscription fee is 30 times the monthly amount. Any person or company caught doing so may be forced to pay contributions in arrears. In Poland, at least 3.7 million people do not have to pay an RTV subscription. This includes people over 75 years of age, citizens with a significant degree of disability, completely unable to work or having the first disability group. Contribution does not have to be paid by war and military invalids, persons repressed during the People’s Republic of Poland, and persons receiving a pension not exceeding half of the average salary.

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