Sad forecast for the Poles.  It’s about housing

“Didaskalia” is a series of audio videos from Wirtualna Polska in which Patrycjusz Wyżga talks with his guests about the most important political, economic, social and scientific topics. The first episode premiered on March 11, 2023. To date, dozens of interviews have been published in the series. The channel “Didaskalia” on YouTube has collected more than 250 thousand views. Participants.

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It won’t be cheaper. The housing expert left no doubt

Apartments are not going to get cheaper, at least not in big city centres – said the guest of one of the episodes, Professor. Marek Brix – housing expert, former Deputy Minister of Infrastructure.

There should be a variety of apartments on the market. Do you want to rent? Please, let the opportunity be. Do you want to buy? Let that be an option too. But there must also be a municipal apartment, a social apartment, because there will always be people whose help we need – said the WP guest.

Professor Brix also noted that it is difficult today to obtain the same amount of government support for housing development as was the case in the previous regime. Socialism solved the housing problem to the point that housing subsidies were huge. Which we cannot afford today – He evaluated.

New episodes of Didaskalia are published every Sunday at 19:00. As part of the series, a mini-series entitled “Grey Didaskalia” was created that deals with national politics.

As the authors describe themselves, “The Didascalia is a side text that allows the reader to better understand the situational context of a particular event.” Patrycjusz Wyżga, in his conversations with his guests, discovers subsequent layers of complex problems, striving for a broader vision that allows a better understanding of the changes and processes occurring in the world.

All episodes can be found here.

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