Warning: The trailer for the "365 Days" continuation has been released online.  Netizens lose their hands: "for what sins"

When it seemed impossible to make a movie worse than the director’s “365 Days” Barbara Beaufoss I decided to prove to all the critics that they were wrong. In this way, the continuation of the sensational nightmare, which premiered in April of this year, was rated 2.0 on the web film portal. Abroad, the opinions of viewers and critics were also not very enthusiastic, which did not affect the fact that, according to Netflix’s ranking, the erotic show was The most watched movie in 75 countries.

It has long been known that the third part of the controversial series, entitled “Another 365 Days”, will be available on the streaming platform immediately after the second part. as revealed Blanca LipinskaBoth films were shot simultaneously in Italy.

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The third installment of the thrilling production, titled “Another 365 Days,” will appear on Netflix on August 19, but viewers can see a preview of the movie. In the segment shared on YouTube, we can see Olga playing Olga Magdalena LamparskaWho trusts Natalia Siwick, who plays Emi. See in another scene Michel Moroni He stands over his brother’s grave. accompanying him to the cemetery Simon SosinOr the Nacho Film.

Laura and Masino’s relationship hangs by a thread. The couple tries to overcome the relentless trust, jealousy, and nacho issues that try to separate them – We read in the description under the part posted on YouTube.

It wasn’t long before the trailer saw comments from netizens, the negative comments outnumbered.

This is perhaps the longest dialogue of the three parts;

It didn’t even take them 365 days to score another super exciting movie. I wonder how much they spent on dialogues.

Lou please. for any sins.

Blanca will make millions again from a stale movie.

365 days: again. This address must be;

Do you think it could be worse than in the previous parts?

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Why do people watch such nonsense movies?! I understand comedy and romance, like to make myself feel alive, but this really does test the guy for the amoeba.

I will tell you yes. You have used 5 of her and she attracts millions every second

Stop the weight!

4 hours ago

These movies of hers are like her diet (sauerkraut 24/24 degrees), monotonous and without cunning!

The female version of the bald Vegetta

Ha-ha-ha-ha this is what… Why does emptiness give us colostrum 😢

Recent Comments (74)

This movie is only suitable for women to watch, like the men who used to watch it in the Sun League 😀

Well, such criticism, and “everyone has repented so much for these sins” that Blanca takes a shower in the cashier, to many viewers 😎😂

Well, such criticism, and “everyone has repented so much for these sins” that Blanca takes a shower in the cashier, to many viewers 😎😂

Why are these wonderful men playing such nonsense. The massacre, each successive part, is worse than the previous one. On the other hand, it’s better to watch than to read… It’s scary to watch and even worse to read

why all this anger? After all, viewing this masterpiece is not obligatory for anyone. People lack real problems in life 🙂

But are these netizens forced to watch this movie?

I watched the first part out of curiosity on Netflix and will say one thing in my life I have never seen worse, in fact, this is the first and last part of this nightmare. I do not hate and express my opinion, in my opinion this is a porn movie in a cultural version than the one that was added to newspapers on DVD. We have hard times of fake celebrities in insta, vega etc movies.

It’s very clear “what sins” are, and somehow most of them have seen both parts and won’t despise the third either

Siekulska’s Natalia Siekulska looks like she’s shorter and writes that she’s 170 cm, probably wearing huge heels.

Does anyone watch it?

It seems that someone has been watching it since they continued production, which is not confirmed by the negative comments.

Hard things sometimes have a better plot, Samra has nothing but relatively handsome men and Sicilian views that save this comic bullshit….

what is the secret? Women can finally enjoy their eyes, not just forever undressing just for male viewers. That’s what 🙂

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