Small businesses go bankrupt or cease their activities.  CEIDG data

On the other hand, the number of requests to suspend operations increased by more than 39% year on year.

closing companies

Business Insider described the case on Monday. He cites Ministry of Development and Technology data showing this in the first half of this year. More than 104.3 thousand entries have been entered into the CEIDG registry. Business closing requests (with a monthly average of 17 thousand. 385). That’s exactly 25.8 percent. More than in the same period of 2021, when there were 82.9 thousand.

The portal requested comment from tax advisor Natalia Stoch Mika. In her opinion, the CEIDG data can be really disturbing.

– We’ve been watching for several years Unfavorable changes in the legal and tax environment for conducting business in Poland. In 2022, continuous changes in taxes, for example The Polish system and subsequent amendments thereto. The lawyer said that these factors have a bad effect on the work of small and medium-sized companies, which may therefore lead to the closure of more businesses.

The same reason was indicated by the Restructuring and Legal Counsel Łukasz Goszczyński.

Statistics are affected by new tax burdens imposed by the Polish government. There are also, among other things, issues such as rising energy prices and interest rates. He says that many entrepreneurs, in the current macroeconomic conditions, are giving up corporate management because they are unable to achieve positive financial results.

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Economic activity halted

Another worrying statistic concerns the suspension of entrepreneurial activities. Well, CEIDG data show that in the first half of 2022, 161.1 thousand zlotys were entered into the register. Such requests.

“This is 39.4 percent more than the corresponding period last year, when there were more than 115.5 thousand. Thus, the monthly average recently was 26857, and before that – 19264. Looking at this year, most orders were in January and June – 38,000,025 and 28,000,514 respectively. These months also open a list covering the first half of 2021 – 24,000 104 and 21,000 514″ – indicating “Business Insider”.

Lawyer Goszczyński believes that the economic crisis is already clearly visible.

– Most often, entrepreneurs decide to suspend their activities in the event that they cannot earn income under certain conditions. Such a move makes it possible to wait through the difficult period at no cost. However, companies naturally leave the market, and it is difficult to return to them and establish new business relationships after some time – he explains.

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