Ula Chincz moved to Italy with her entire family.  She showed her house

Ursula ChenksThe only daughter of a famous journalist Andrei TurskyShe spent most of her television career in TVPWhere she hosted breakfast programs. However, she felt undervalued there and a few years ago she decided to take advantage of the TVN offer.

I was able to gain professional experience in… “Good morning TVN”she hosted two editions of “House of Dreams” and became the team leader on “Małe Giganty”, before the station let her down by downplaying her dream of joining the hosts of the revitalized show. “big brother”.

A few months ago Chinches She decided to change her whole life. Taking advantage of the fact that her primary source of income is blogging tips “Ola Pedantola”She could drive from anywhere in the world, so she decided to move with her family to Italy.

Chinch is a mother of two sons. Her husband stays away from show business. All we know about him is that his name is Sawamir and he works in technology.

The family began their Italian adventure with… Rent a house in Tuscany. Chincz likes to show off his stylish interiors.

The house, like most properties in this area, is old and built of stone. The interior may seem a bit dark, but the furniture and accessories make it cozy. Chench thinks she couldn't have made a better decision. As she admitted in a conversation with her fans on her blog:

“If you've been with me for a while, you know that this is my place on earth. I feel good here. I enjoy the people, the landscape, the smells, the tastes. And the language sounds good not only in love songs, but even when we order simple pasta with wild boar.”

both! As Chinch admitted, in her new place of residence She is pleased with literally everything. In fact, there's no shortage of photos of the atmospheric streets and stylish bars of the local market on her Instagram. As “Pedantula” confirms:

“These views are worth every penny.”

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But these were not rumours. Chinch packed his belongings and moved out of Poland. Tears were shed

Ula Chincz surprised her loyal fans. It was a sensation

Ula Chincz paid a heavy price for her success

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