February 2, 2023


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He hit 'Wallace' and now made his debut in American Punch Down

He hit ‘Wallace’ and now made his debut in American Punch Down

punch down It is a Polish association that organizes festivals, where players slap each other in public. No gloves, no way to avoid a hit, no defense. We were recently informed that the federation has decided to move to from the United States It will be called slap fight championship.

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Artur Szpilka showed off his new tattoo

The first duels ceremony on the list in the United States. There was a pole hitting “Wallus.”

Saturday, March 5 first This union happened. Former California Governor Arnold was present Schwarzenegger and YouTuber Logan Paulwho became her face. The latter commented on the duels with open hands.

Logan Paul’s reaction turned out to be a knockout hit on social media. The YouTuber, who has been a bit more daring in the professional ring lately, was surprised when Toth lost consciousness after being shocked by Mad Maza. “It’s ridiculous and it’s happening right now,” he wrote on Twitter.

We saw similar scenes many times during PunchDown in Poland. Knockout for Artur’ Waluś Walczak, in Results He suffered severe brain damage and fell into a coma. Former strong man he died November 26 at the age of 46. Since then, no celebration of this union has taken place in Poland.

Norman Park has a new idea. This has not happened in Poland yet

David Zalosky, who toppled with the song “Walus,” also performed at the Slap Fight Championship. Pole Hawaiian Koa “Da Crazy Hawaii” defeated Vernes.

The Slap Fighting Championship party received wide coverage in the United States. It was broadcast on Paul Logan’s YouTube channel and garnered more than two million views.

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You can read more about the PunchDown controversy along with the statements of doctors and experts in our text.