Gran Turismo 7 is the worst-rated installment in the series on Metacritic
March 20 2022, 4:20 pm

Gran Turismo 7 is the lowest rated installment of the series by users. Criticism of the game mainly relates to invasive microtransactions.

Gran Turismo 7a new racing game from Polyphony Digital studio, Collected Mostly very good scores from industry critics. However, some of them have drawn attention – often lowering the bottom line – to invasive microtransactions. In their opinion, the cars were too expensive, and the number of credits earned for completing subsequent races was so small that buying better cars forced you to either grind for several hours or hit your wallet.

Criticism and its causes

At first, some players did not share this opinion, claiming that it was not that bad. However, the cup of their bitterness spilled with their release patch 1.07any He lowered the racing prizes even further. As if that wasn’t enough, the update was released after release server failed Gran Turismo 7As a result, it was virtually impossible to play this title for more than a day, as accessing most of its functionality requires a stable internet connection.

Angry gamers vented their feelings through, flooding the production with negative reviews. at the moment A copy of the game for PlayStation 5 live to see 4,531 ratings, average 2.2 out of 10. No other part of the series, which has been in development for nearly a quarter of a century, has received such massive criticism.

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The contrast with industry media assessments is very clear. Source:

Our review Gran Turismo 7 – By Dariusz “DM” Matusiak – You can find the link below:

I also recommend a column by Darek, in which he focuses on the problem of exaggerating – at least in his opinion – the ratings of some new games:

Worst in 25 years

This is important because – as the players themselves point out – Gran Turismo . series It has almost always been grinding. But this time, the publisher and/or developer were simply overdoing it. So much so that many Twitter users – including the esports world champion Gran TurismoAnd the Valerio Gallo (@Williams_BRacer)I like to select input GT7 As a “credit card simulator”.

You have written “and/or” as you have written the words recently export For fans, game director Kazunori Yamauchi does not allow to say unequivocally that the creators were forced to carry out such invasive microtransactions.

I would like visitors to your site GT7 They can enjoy many cars and races even without micropayments. However, car prices are an important factor that makes them unique and rare, so I think it’s important that they reflect real amounts. I hope to do GT7 A game in which you can enjoy several cars in different ways and, if possible, I want to avoid a situation where the player has to mechanically repeat certain events over and over. Over time, we’ll let you know what plans we have for updates with additional content, races, and features to fix this in a constructive way. I’m sorry I can’t reveal the details to you at the moment […]. It would be great if everyone could rate the development Gran Turismo 7 at the long term.

What then?

Does the new game from Polyphony Digital studio have a chance of winning in the eyes of the players? It seems so because Most of them praise the driving model and the cars themselves. However, for this scenario to come true, the microtransactions in GT7 They should lose their relevance.

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