“The boy asked me to look like a movie star every day. I was doing the perfect makeup even for the booth” - Real Life

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Teresa, my mother’s younger sister, was the closest to me in my entire family. The age difference between us was ten years. It was a lot and a little at the same time. Little enough I haven’t seen it In it an adult “needs to be heard”. On the other hand, she did not treat me like snot, nor did she try to nurture or nurture me.

In fact, it is difficult to determine what we have in common

We weren’t exactly like sisters or friends, but we were in completely different stages of life. The closest thing to the truth is to say it Teresa was my role model, role model, and authority. I liked her and I wanted to be like her. Moreover, I trusted her very much and turned to her in matters in which I did not want to involve my parents. No wonder it was she who turned to her about Tocher…

I met him when I was returning from my student party. A friend of mine asked me for an Uber, thinking I was too drunk to go home on my own. The driver turned out to be a very handsome boy. He had black eyes and hair, and dark skin. I was in a great mood, relaxed to the max, so I started hitting him. He answered me sweetly but did not flirt.

Why are you so cruel? You don’t find me attractive? I asked him honestly an alcoholic. –

You are a very beautiful and very kind girl, but you are drunk – he answered with a foreign accent and a beautiful smile.

– And if you’re sober?

– I’ll fall in love with you – and that smile again.

So let’s go on a date. I promise I’ll come sober!

At the traffic lights, I dictated the number to him and made sure to type it into his mobile phone. Then he led me to my house and left. I didn’t think she would talk. I thought it took my peace of mind, but a few days later he called me and asked for an appointment. When I woke up, it made an even bigger impression on me. I was so intrigued and stunned that I don’t remember much of that meeting: only his eyes, our first kiss, goosebumps all over his body… The famous “Sicilian lightning” must have hit us.

We became a couple

At first, we were doing really well, mainly because there was such a strong chemistry between us. But after some time, our differences became clear. Tushar was an Indian, grew up in India, and came to Europe as an adult and in full form, so it’s no wonder he was so different from all the men I’ve known thus far. For example, he attached great importance to appearance. I kind of liked that he would take care of himself, but when he started demanding the same, my enthusiasm waned. He urged me to remove hair from the whole body. He wanted me to do full makeup every day, neatly style my hair, spray hair spray on it, wear needle-like clothes and the like. I know some women find these things normal, but I was a different kind of girl. I appreciated comfort and naturalness, and it was just a waste of time and money “going to the Lord” without any occasion. Moreover, I was very sorry that he had to improve myself, and I was not enough for him as I am.

When I pointed it out, he denied it and made it clear that he does. Out of pure love, she wants me to be the best version of myself. On average, that convinced me. Oftentimes I have had the sad thought that we belong to two different worlds and sooner or later our paths will part. I didn’t know if our relationship had any meaning at all. Confused and confused, I did what I always do in such situations: I went to Teresa for advice. She listened and then asked:

– What do you think, Josiah, why are you still alone?

You surprised me with this seemingly off topic question.

Because you are independent and love freedom? I risked replying.

Then Teresa smiled sadly and once.

– not at all. I’m lonely because I once rejected a man I cared so much about, but decided that irreconcilable differences separated us.

You never told me about him…

“I was only 14 when I met him. Then… after that it was a very painful memory, I didn’t like to go back to it.

– Why now…? Don’t force yourself…

– I don’t force. I want to tell you about that. This is the perfect time, because maybe you can learn from my mistakes. Ali came to Europe on vacation. He was only supposed to stay in Poland for a few days, but he met me and stayed longer. We were connected to something magical that happens once in a lifetime. I felt it with every part of myself. He was ready to live in Poland, although you know how they treat foreigners here. But I wanted more. I insisted that he give up his religion for me. At the time, I couldn’t imagine raising my children on his faith. Feeling insulted, he put it on the wall. From word to word, a terrible quarrel broke out between us. Each of us said a lot. Words can hurt so bad… We broke up and he left. I thought I’d forget him, and that I’d pick myself up. failed in. I am thirty-five years old and alone because I cannot love anyone as I have loved me.

Teresa screamed and didn’t know what to do. I hugged her awkwardly and made a casual remark that she would definitely meet someone else…

“Come, Gosieńko,” she wiped her tears. – I didn’t tell you you’d pat me on the back. I wanted to warn you. Great love happens once in a lifetime and is worth fighting for.

I promised her that I would rethink my relationship with Tushar and not give her up in a hurry. I kept my word, but in the end it turned out that there would be no bread from this flour. So we parted harmoniously, albeit sadly. Another thing that was bothering me: Teresa’s love drama. Since she regretted and missed her to this day, it seems they shouldn’t have parted. But nothing is lost.

I will find me!

The chances that he was free and still love Teresa was very slim, but I had to try. He lives near our city! It must have been a sign, finding out who he was was easy: She got the name Ali from a friend, Teresa. Then I typed it into a search engine and using the delete method, turning down quite a few guys, I found the right one on Facebook. He lived in Germany, less than a hundred kilometers from our city. Is it a sign of fate? While browsing through the pictures he posted, I came across a picture of him in the company of a young child and a woman. Then I thought: he’s gone, damn it, he’s started a family. But then I read the signature and it turned out that he was his ex-wife.

I searched his entire profile and couldn’t find any information about his current partner. Out of excitement, before I changed my mind, I created a fake profile, impersonated my aunt, and wrote to him. I knew Teresa would not take such a step. She helped me many times, and now I will help her. I have decided to. Ali replied, “He was surprised, but also glad that Teresa called him after so many years.” We exchanged a few letters, and then offered to meet: at a place and time that suited me. I mean, Teresa. Only then did I confess to my aunt the whole trick. I was afraid he would go mad, but she was too restless and excited to get angry at me. She met Ali and … It’s been two years since their marriage. Teresa now lives in Germany and is expecting her baby. The problem of arousing faith in them no longer exists, because during these years of separation, both Teresa and Ali have turned away from God. So I will not remain the godmother of the little boy, but the role of a matchmaker is enough for me.

The last time I saw Teresa, she was almost radiant with happiness. That’s all my advantages!

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