Will Beata Kozidrac leave the country after the scandal?  Surprising information!

The singer has definitely gone through many difficult moments in her life. One of them was the divorce of her husband, the others probably only know about her relatives.

Everyone knows about the accident with her participation, which took place on September 1, which affected her current life.

At the time, information about her being parked on the road and finding 2 per mile of blood alcohol appeared in the national media.

Beata Kozydrac pleaded guilty to the charges but refused to explain.

On her Instagram profile, she posted a short statement in which she apologized for the whole situation and expressed her regret.

She also assured her that she was aware of the consequences that she would have to bear.

Since then, Beata Kozydrac has remained silent, perhaps suffering from what happened to herself.

As reported now by “Rewia”, she is said to have in her immediate plans to leave Poland.

Beata Kozidrak will definitely have plenty of time to think about it all and walk away.

Her friend revealed that her life was filled with stress before.

According to weekly information, Beata Kozydrac was eager to leave the country.

Beata Kozydrac can count on the support of her daughters who, according to the weekly news, took care of her home.

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