War in Ukraine.  They found alarming data.  In the background, export to Russia

The data shows that since the Russian invasion of Ukraine two years ago and since its imposition Sanctions on RussiaBritish exports to this country fell by 74%. The vast majority of goods exported to Russia Food, medical products and other humanitarian itemsExports of heavy machinery, electrical equipment and cars fell to almost zero.

Sky News indicates that these data indicate, at first glance, that the sanctions regime has proven to be very effective, and quotes a government spokesman as saying: “We have implemented the most difficult package of economic sanctions ever imposed on a major economy.” But the station indicates this A closer examination of official UK trade statistics shows a very different picture.

Great Britain. Exports to third countries increased

These statistics prove that while exports to Russia declined sharply, Export To a number of former Soviet republics – especially those located in Central Asia and the Caucasus – It has increased at an unprecedented rate. For example, exports to Kyrgyzstan increased by More than 1100 percentBut it is dominated by heavy machinery and vehicles that can no longer be shipped directly to Russia. Exports to Armenia increased to a slightly lesser extent.

As Sky News confirms, what is particularly worrying is the fact that the goods sent to these countries include large quantities of products that are considered “dual-use”, that is, those that They can be used for both civilian and military purposes.

Sky News analysis shows that British exports to four countries – Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Georgia and Uzbekistan – Those goods known to have been used in the war in Ukraine increased by a percentage More than 500 percent Among the goods sent to these four countries, the largest category by far was “parts for aircraft, helicopters or unmanned aerial vehicles” – equipment that can be used to produce drones and other aircraft. Other goods shipped by UK exporters include data processing machines, air navigation equipment and radio navigation aids.

Circumventing sanctions. Germany and Poland increased their exports

Sky News indicates that the problem lies in the possible circumvention of sanctions through the Caucasus and Central Asian countries This does not apply to British companies only. This is something that has been happening for some time and in other European countries, in particular, said Robin Brooks, former chief economist at the International Finance Organization (IIF). Germany and PolandIt also began shipping large quantities of goods to the countries of the Caucasus and Central Asia.

– All we know for sure is that the increase in the volume of exports is completely insane and does not agree with any basic data in these countries. So the only plausible explanation is Russia. On the part of Western Europe, especially the European Union, this has been happening for some time. At this point it has become known in Brussels and I think the main question is why nothing is being done at the central EU level to stop it? Brooks said.

Cigna on farmers' protest: If the EC is up to the task, a compromise is possible/Polsat News/Polsat News

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